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Public Information Forum Tonight at Encinal High School

Tonight, in the cafeteria at Encinal High School at 210 Central Avenue, student Dylan Moore will host a public information forum on Measure A, the latest AUSD school parcel tax, on the ballot March 8th.

The forum is a project for Mr. Moore’s participation in the Future Leader’s Institute (FLI). His stated goals for the forum are “to disseminate information and provide an event where the community can voice its concerns. The impact of this parcel tax is huge and therefore it is crucial that the community knows all the facts.” In promotions for the forum, the Moore wrote, “Bring your friends to the Measure A public forum [on] Wednesday and celebrate your commitment to our democratic society.”

According to the Future Leaders Institute website, “The mission of The Future Leaders Institute (FLI) is to engage high school youth in generating and implementing visionary solutions for society.”

Measure A Forum at Encinal High school
Wednesday February 23rd, 2011
Encinal High School Cafeteria, 210 Central Ave
7-9 p.m.

7 comments to Public Information Forum Tonight at Encinal High School

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  • Trish Herrera Spencer

    It’s my understanding this is intended to be more of an intellectual conversation rather than a debate. I’m looking forward to attending and am excited to see our high school students take the lead.

  • Trish – what does that mean? in practical terms?

  • Trish Herrera Spencer

    Sorry, I’m just seeing this now. I’m waiting to see. I think I know more of what it isn’t intended to be (i.e., a debate) then what it is. As a mom of 2 high schoolers, hopefully, I’ll be prepared enough to keep up and the life skill of “flexibility” rules the day :)

  • Trish Herrera Spencer

    *than (oops) – that’s what I get for checking this before I run to pick up my kids!

  • Sharpie

    Will any of the District’s leadership
    ( Superintendent or other Board Members ) be in attendance?

  • Barb

    Enlightening article in the New York Times Magazine on the teachers’s unions and Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey:

    “But over the last 10 years or so, most American workers have come to expect less by way of benefits and security from their employers. And with political consensus building toward some kind of public-school reform, teachers’ unions in particular have lost credibility with the public. Forty-­six percent of voters in a poll conducted by Stanford and the Associated Press last September said teachers’ unions deserved either “a great deal” or “a lot” of blame for the problems of public schools.

    “Let’s assume that they’re smart, because I think they are,” he went on. “So then, why don’t you do it? Because they believe they are entitled to it. They believe they are special and different and that they shouldn’t have to share the sacrifice. And that’s, I think, what’s ultimately driving public opinion against them.”

    The article ocntinues:

    So. . . .. THE POLITICAL DYNAMIC in New Jersey tells you a lot about what’s driving similar conversations all over the country. Last year alone, 18 states either raised the pension-contribution levels for public employees or reduced benefits for their retirees, according to Susan Urahn, the managing director of the Pew Center for the States. Three states — South Dakota, Colorado and Minnesota — decided to eliminate cost-of-living raises for state workers who have already retired. . . . Illinois raised its retirement age to 67.

    Things to think about as one ponders how to vote on Measure “A”.

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