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Don’t Just Sit Back and Do Nothing on Measure A

Dear Editor:

One way for good people to lose is to sit back and do nothing. Normally supporting schools means supporting the children and that is a great thing for everyone and our future. Not so in Alameda. We have a district with too many administrators, administrating too many sites, with too many bricks, too much mortar and not enough students. Too much money is spent on hotel rooms for administrators, campaigns and recruiting out of district students. Not enough is spent on education, not enough focus on quality for the children. Giving the district more money rewards and perpetuates this inept administration.

The “Yes on Measure A” folks are busy trying to make up for a lack of a majority by getting each and every proponent to the polls. At least once. They have spent tens of thousands of dollars sending pictures of smiling faces of children and parents to encourage you to either vote for them, or if not, just stay home. What they should have sent is a bill showing how much each parcel will pay or a picture of Ron Cowan counting his money, while trying to screw the Habor Bay Isle residents out of the second school site (Bay Farm Island School). Or a huge building full of the 500 plus administrators and staff sitting around cashing checks for doing who knows what ? Many earning over $100,000 per year plus benefits. For services rendered doing anything but teaching children in classrooms.

It is time for everyone who thinks the goodness in our City is being washed down the drain, to get up and Vote. Call and email at least 10 of your like minded friends, relatives and neighbors, and remind them of their civic responsibility to Vote. The YES folks are already doing this like gangbusters. Offer to drive friends, pick up up absentee ballots and hand deliver them to the City Clerk. If you live in an apartment, ask your fellow tenants if they really think the landlord is going to pay that parcel tax for them. So you are not quite 65, what happens if you get hit by a car and can’t work, but don’t become permanently disabled?? What happens when your medical coverage goes up by 40% (AUSD employees do not have to worry about this – we pay for it with this Measure)
Email today, and check back to see if they have voted before Election Day.

If we just sit back and do nothing we have no one to blame but ourselves when the tax bill comes demanding that extra $750 or $1500, or $3000, $4500, for AUSD. I hope you all can afford it. Because AUSD doesn’t care, and the Hospital is right behind them with the next parcel tax to earthquake retrofit the Stroke Center aka Alameda Hospital.

— Barbara Thomas

4 comments to Don’t Just Sit Back and Do Nothing on Measure A

  • Betty

    I am tried of band aids. We need to fix the problem with the income the school district is already getting. I am voting no. I just don’t understand why it takes almost 100 M a year to educate 9,000 kids.

    And please does any one know what the administrator of the hospital does to earn over 600,000. a year? Is she going to retire soon? I want to apply for that job.

  • Anonymous

    The “Yes on Measure A” folks are busy trying to make up for a lack of a majority by getting each and every proponent to the polls. At least once.

    Substantiation for the “At least once” comment?

  • glinda of oz

    minutes of a recent AHD Board meeting I attended show the CEO had to return part of her salary as she was getting paid too much

  • Sharpie

    Here are 106 Alamedians that may have problems paying the new parcel tax.

    State Street Bank & Trust has decided to shed more than 100 jobs in Alameda in a move to shift work to Sacramento and cut costs, the financial services company confirmed Monday.

    All told, 106 jobs will be eliminated in Alameda, effective April 1, according to an official filing by State Street with California’s Employment Development Department.

    It’s the economy people. We have to do with less, it’s time AUSD learned to do likewise.

    The jobs that are being cut in Alameda primarily are operations and client services.

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