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Alameda Rent Review Advisory Committee Accepting Applicants

The Alameda Rent Review Advisory Committee is accepting applications from tenants who would like to serve. The Committee mediates between landlords and tenants over complaints about rent increases.

The Committee meets on the first Monday of the month, at City Hall, when there is business to conduct. Application forms may be obtained from the City Clerk at Alameda City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue, or by visiting the City’s website.

Applications for the current round of members are due by April 15th, 2011.

1 comment to Alameda Rent Review Advisory Committee Accepting Applicants

  • marcela escamilla

    I live in suthshore beach and tennis club, in Alameda, i have some concers because this company keeps on incrementes 2 or 1 dolar a month foe the sewer, trash and water, and on top of that this month they raised the sewer 160% because the county did, I think this is imposible and very unfair, so I wounder if I could get any help With you. I also like to join you to help others on this kind of matters.