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Planning Board Shoots Self in the Pedicure

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Dear Editor,

Under “Beauty Salons & Services” in the 2010 Alameda Telephone Directory, there are 97 entries (I counted). It appears some are hair, some nails, others facials & waxing. But most overlap in these areas & many don’t specify.

Despite these existing businesses, vocal opposition, & a petition of protest with 48 signatures presented Monday night 3/28/11, during the untelevised Special Meeting @ the Otaez Restaurant; our Planning Board & Staff approved yet 2 more beauty salons, only a block away from each other on Webster St. in Alameda. Planning staff wanted to avoid appearance of “quotas”.

Seriously? With 97 extant similar businesses? I don’t think the term “quotas’ applies here.

The Board vote was unanimous, the reason given by proponents was the empty spaces had to be filled, no matter with more of the same, since 2 more salons “would bring more (business, customers)to Webster St.”

Really? If you just got your hair & nails done, walked out of the salon, & saw only MORE places to get your hair & nails done, why would you hang around ? Where would you go next? As far as I know, you can only get your hair & nails done once a day — unless it was a really bad experience.

Meanwhile, we’ve lost Suzanne’s Pastry Shop, Inge’s Cake Shop, Golden Pin Donuts, and most of Boniere Bakery.

At least if LBNL [Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories] comes to Alameda, they’ll have plenty of places to go for that tasty mani-pedi.

— Glinda of Oz

[Editor Note – the identity of Glinda has been verified by Action Alameda News, but ‘Glinda’ asked that this letter be published under this pseudonym.]

3 comments to Planning Board Shoots Self in the Pedicure

  • DHL

    Glinda: How else will Oz maintain it’s glittering perfection in Technocolor? Let’s see, if we assume 99 shops, 6 spa-chairs each with each chair being used 3 times a day on average….each of the roughly 64,000 adults in our city can now get a mani-pedi once a day! You nailed it!

  • ed hirshberg

    It is better, far better to have a few too many nail shops than to let more of our freedom erode as to how and with whom we do business. If there are too many nails shops the marketplace will correct it. But there is no corresponding mechanism to deal with too many apparatchiks..

  • Re-posting ‘alameda vigalante’s comment to the correct post here, by request…

    “well, who is john galt, anyway? Normally, I would agree w/you on libertarian 1st principles, but in this about-to -go-bankrupt city, free market principles don’t seem to apply, in my lifetime, anyway. What do you think we have a Planning Board for, if not to give the citizenry self-determination to fend off the supervention of a master planner (like SunCal)? This isn’t “a few more”, it’s an absurd hogging of retail space that forces me to leave this city to find goods & services I actually use (like a konditorei).”