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Minor Sues City of Alameda and Alameda Unified School District for Injuries

Through her guardian, an Alameda child has filed suit against the City of Alameda, the Alameda Unified School District, and a city employee for injuries she sustained after the employee, Joey Ogden, allegedly fell on the child during playground game at an after school program. The child suffered injuries to her teeth and mouth which are estimated to cost $2,745 to treat.

In her claim, the guardian for the child, Anne Grandy, asserted that, at a City of Alameda Recreation and Park afterschool program at Lincoln Park, adjacent to Edison School, “teachers, aides, helpers and other agents and employees” of the City and the Alameda Unified School District (AUSD), “were under a duty to supervise recreational recess activities in such a way as to minimize the risk of harm to the children/students.” Ms. Grandy says that the City and AUSD was negligent and failed to hold city employee Joey Ogden to account of his conduct during play time, during which Ogden fell on the child, causing the injuries.

In a subsequent filing, Grandy wrote, “I have been told that for budgetary reasons they would like to avoid litigation and they want to attempt to resolve the case quickly.”

Alameda City Council will review the case in closed session next Tuesday, April 19th.

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