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The Otaez Series – Part I

As part of a week-long series, Action Alameda News is publishing photographs from Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore’s November 2nd, 2010, election party at Otaez Restaurant on Webster Street in Alameda. The pictures were downloaded from Mayor Gilmore’s Facebook page, and are published here in the public interest, under the doctrine of “fair use.”

Marie Gilmore was elected Mayor of Alameda that night, and Lena Tam was re-elected to Alameda City Council, and Rob Bonta was elected to City Council.

After months of consideration, Action Alameda News has decided to go forward and publish these photographs and let the public determine their significance, if any.

Mayor Gilmore and IAFF 689 Political Director Jeff Delbono

Unidentified and UFCW Local 5's Mike Henneberry

Unidentified and UFCW Local 5's Mike Henneberry

Unidentified, AUSD Trustees Mike McMahon and Ron Mooney

4 comments to The Otaez Series – Part I

  • DHL

    I’ll say it again: no one makes Marie Gilmore look bad except Marie Gilmore. IMO, she needs to man up to this rather than continuing her campaign of rash behavior and poor form (2010 election, December 2010 covert set up to illicitly fire the Interim City Manager, substandard hiring process for a new city manager, recent op-ed that slanders elected city auditor and treasurer both), and proceed with the “dialogue and hard work” that she claims to value and that would have “sunshine” and involve a fully engaged body politic.

  • KMZ

    Well, I can say that I know both the city auditor and city treasurer personally, and they have more integrity and intelligence in their little fingers than Marie Gilmore has displayed, ever.

    If they say the city is broke, the city is broke. Where are my property and sales taxes going? To broker shifty deals with shifty developers, pay some city employees way too much, and otherwise line the pockets of political cronies.

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