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Alameda Firefighters Threaten Legal Action Over “Otaez Series”

This morning, the president of the local firefighters union, Domenick Weaver, president of IAFF Local 689, asked Action Alameda News to remove, on threat of legal action, the pictures of Mayor Marie Gilmore’s November 2010 election party, posted to this site as “The Otaez Series.” We have declined to remove the pictures, and will continue to post them as planned.

8 comments to Alameda Firefighters Threaten Legal Action Over “Otaez Series”

  • Barb

    Did they cite any legal basis? Or just that they find them embarassing during negotiations? Especially after the City Auditor and Treasurer, both elected professionals without ties to any special interest group, indicate that more of the same will lead the City to bankruptcy?

    Did they agree to put in a firewall between their negotiators and Lena Tam’s direct email link? Or at least share with the public all the confidential attorney-client emails that Tam forwards to them?

    Bonta, Tam and Gilmore and the firefighters have made their beds. And they have plenty of time on the firefighters’ 48 hour shifts to lie in them. No pun intended.

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  • Michael

    These pics look to have been taken in a public setting and thus should be within public domain. Question is by what precedent are they citing to have them taken down? Can they say that they stated up front at the event that any words spoken by them, or the setting and people, were off limits for quotes or pics? I doubt it!

  • carol gottstein

    Let me get this straight. A WHITE male is threatening to sue Action Alameda b/c it printed photos of him with a woman of color? For what damages to him?? Is this Alameda 2011 or Birmingham, Alabama, 1964???

  • Ellie

    Did the firefighters “leak” the photo of Fire Chief Kapler filling up his car at the Fire Station to the press? This resulted in Tam leading the way for Kapler to be fired. And now he is suing the City. The Fire Department lost persons after the base closed and a station closed and blamed Kapler.

    Firefighters can dish it out, but can’t take it.

  • Betty

    Are you kidding me?
    They are upset about having these pictures on Action Alameda.
    How about all the garbage they mailed out smearing the good names
    of people running against the three stooges?
    Firefighters…deal with it!

  • Liz

    I could kiss Actio Alameda for posting these pictures! The Alameda firefighters have weilded too much power over elected officials for far too long. Other cities in the bay area have successfully oursourced or merged their fire departments; with this kind of corrupt cronyism, Alameda will never get out from under the yoke of these fire fighters who have far too much time on their hands for politicking and rheir salaries and pensions, which are bankrupting our city.

  • Liz

    Sadly, I can’t type. Sorry about the typos.

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