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The Otaez Series – Part VII

As part of a week-long series, Action Alameda News is publishing photographs from Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore’s November 2nd, 2010, election party at Otaez Restaurant on Webster Street in Alameda. The pictures were downloaded from Mayor Gilmore’s Facebook page, and are published here in the public interest, under the doctrine of “fair use.”

Marie Gilmore was elected Mayor of Alameda that night, and Lena Tam was re-elected to Alameda City Council, and Rob Bonta was elected to City Council.

After months of consideration, Action Alameda News has decided to go forward and publish these photographs and let the public determine their significance, if any.

IAFF Political Director Jeff Delbono, Alameda City Councilmember Rob Bonta

IAFF Local 689 President Domenick Weaver, Alameda Councilmember Rob Bonta, Alameda Councilmember Lena Tam, IAFF Local 689 Political Director Jeff Delbono, Former SunCal Advisor Jon Spangler

Lena Tam

4 comments to The Otaez Series – Part VII

  • Rev. Poodlesmurf

    Good job David

  • anonymous

    Action Alameda, you are a gang of buffoons. A few local politicians and their supporters having a small party at a local restaurant is not a scandal. I don’t particularly support any of these politicians, but these look like photos you’d see on the Social Page of a newspaper, not presented to the public as if they’re some kind of smoking gun. They only thing these photos prove is that Action Alameda has no sense.

  • Betty

    Anonymous, since I wasn’t invited to the party. I think it’s interesting to see who was there. Buffoons..I think that’s a little too strong. I think it’s nice to share. Thank you David.

  • alameda vigilante

    You should read your own post, Anonymous! “photos you’d see on the Social Page of a newspaper” is exactly why this feature is entirely appropriate! Years ago, the Times-Star had a feature called “Social Whirl”. If it was still going on today, these pix would have been published there. God knows not all the Times-Star photos were flattering. YOU are the 1 calling it a “scandal”, not ActionAlameda. These were published in the best tradition of “Candid Camera”. As long as such photos are available, who needs political cartoons?

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