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Monday’s Planning Board Meeting Jam-packed

Alameda’s planning board faces a full agenda this coming Monday. At least two items should be of broad interest to Alameda residents.

Item 9-C covers the City of Alameda’s response to a joint Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) and Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC) draft plan called “Initial Vision Scenario.” The plan is a response to Senate Bill 375, the Sustainable Communities Strategy bill that requires the Bay Area region to create a plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This first draft of the plan attempts to identify where in the region people will be housed over the next 25 years. The City’s preliminary responses are here. One item of note – staff questions whether an additional 3,000 new units of housing, as recommended in the plan, could be built in Alameda’s established residential neighborhoods, outside of Alameda Point and the Northern Waterfront.

Following the “Initial Vision Scenario” discussion, the planning board will review the summary report for the latest community planning process for Alameda Point. City staff is recommending another round of preparing development alternatives, financial feasibility studies and evaluations, for those Alameda residents who still have the energy to participate.

4 comments to Monday’s Planning Board Meeting Jam-packed

  • c. gottstein

    The summary of “Going Forward” to be presented Mon appears to be the same one presented on 4/6/2011 @ the Regular ARRA meeting (which got less public notice than it deserved, due to the jam-packed ARRA agenda) The 137-pg summary is worth reading for the entertaining comments by Alameda residents. Not so entertaining is the striking disconnect
    between the 2 documents’ conclusions: In “Going Forward”, overall Alameda sentiment was for LESS residential AlPo development; the smaller summary of the summary plans for up to 5000 homes!?
    I wish Andrew would spend more time planning the erection of that bronze statue of Jim Morrison @ AlamedaPoint. (Jim went to Alameda High in 1958)

  • anonymous

    You said erection in association with Jim Morrison. You should be arrested.

  • Barb

    Alpo is dogfood.

  • carol

    I know Alpo is dog food. I fed it to mine for years! It’s also the way the Alameda SUN sometimes headlines stories abt old NAS. It wasn’t my idea, but it does take less keystrokes than Alameda Point.
    Some more low-traffic, low-carbon footprint ideas for AlPo not found in the “Going Fwd” wkbk=
    1.A horse racing track, thoroughbreds or 1/4-horses, a la GoldenGateFields (Alameda is like the only Bay Area city where U can’t keep horses..except maybe Emeryville?? Maybe that’s what makes Alameda politics so quirky–no horses. No, Lauren, I’m not suggesting their use as dog food. Altho when I was a kid, U could buy horsemeat to feed dogs in Alameda pet shops)
    2. A state or federal prison
    3. A state mental hospital, like Napa
    4. A zoo (would dovetail nicely w/the wildlife refuge).
    5. A permanent amusement park, with rides like roller coasters. Sales tax! Guess that’s not lo-traffic. Now I’ll remove my tongue from my cheek.

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