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SunCal and City of Alameda Move to Resolve Lawsuits Through Mediation

Court filings in federal court and Alameda County Superior Court this month show that the City of Alameda and SunCal will try to resolve SunCal’s Alameda Point and California Public Records Act lawsuits, respectively, against the City of Alameda through mediation.

An order by Judge Charles R. Bryer in the federal court case, CV 10-5178, dated April 12th stayed any pending hearings and case deadlines for 90 days, “pending mediation.” Both parties are to file a joint status report on the status of the case, and the mediation, 90 days out. SunCal had previously asked the court to sanction the City for $1 million for “spoliation of evidence,” based on discovery in the public records act suit in Alameda County Superior Court; the federal court docket shows a proposed order for that motion not yet granted by the judge. That same proposed order, written by SunCal’s attorney’s at Miller Barondess in Los Angeles, also effectively asked the court to force the City to continue to negotiating with SunCal under the Exclusive Negotiation Agreement (ENA) the then-City Council terminated in July 20th of last year.

Similarly, in the public records lawsuit, Alameda County Superior Court Judge David E. Hunter ordered, on April 14th, a stay in litigation in that case, pending a settlement discussion between the two parties. That case number is RG-10537988. The parties are to report to the court in 90 days.

2 comments to SunCal and City of Alameda Move to Resolve Lawsuits Through Mediation

  • Barb

    SUNCAL bought itself 3 councilmembers: Gilmore, Bonta and Tam with the help of the firefighters.

    98% of the firefighters don’t make Alameda their home. They see it as a government job. There is strength in numbers. The more development, the more fire fighters, the bigger the union, etc. Unfortunately, the fire department has a very short memory. Possibly because they can retire after 20 years; which is not enough time for a developer to buy in and then renig. They do not recall having to take Ron Cowan to his knees before getting the station out at HBI. And the money to buy the Quint (specialized fire truck to fit the small spaces) was not their achievement. It was mine. Who on this Council is going to force a bankrupt SUNCAL to do anything? After all, the triumverate of GILBONTAM, wouldn’t be in place but for SUNCAL, its money,and the firefighters and their money.

    When do 14% of the voters control the future of a Ciy?
    When its enemies join hands to increase their numbers. And the press (Except for Action Alameda and the Eastbay Express) publish what it has been spoon fed by those trying to corrupt majority rule.

  • hobnob

    You know, fine, let Suncal back in to develop the navy base… but have the contract in WRITING that they must:

    a) Expand the Webster/Posey Tube to 4 lanes for the incoming and outgoing traffic. Or create another bridge to Oakland.
    b) Guarantee Ferry service 6 days a week from 6am – 12pm to Alameda point.

    Until they can solve these traffic congestions and issues, they are not allowed to break ground for new development until then.

    I don’t care what kind of fancy pictures they show of all the snazzy houses and carnival rides and stuff, until they put in the traffic infrastructure to support their development, and NO THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED TO BUILD THE HOUSES FIRST, THE ROADS/BRIDGES MUST BE DONE FIRST, they cannot break ground to put that first house up.

    So let them back in. If they TRULY are interested in developing Alameda Point and make it successful, then until they sort the traffic issues out first, I’m pretty sure that 10% of citizens that voted to OUST Suncal can oust them again.

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