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Oakland City Attorney John Russo Set to be Named Alameda City Manager

Agenda documents for next week’s City Council meeting show that the City of Alameda is set to appoint Oakland City Attorney John Russo as Alameda’s latest City Manager. In last year’s council election, Russo contributed money to Mayor Marie Gilmore’s campaign as well as Councilmembers Rob Bonta’s and Lena Tam’s campaign. Recently, this publication ran a photo series showing Russo at an election night party for the same three candidates.

The city staff report says that Russo was the leading candidate after a series of interviews in March, and that on April 19th, the City Council made a conditional offer of employment to Russo, pending a background investigation, which has now been completed. Russo has accepted the offer.

According to the employment contract provided to Council with the staff report, Russo will be paid $215,000 per year, with subsequent raises based on performance; those performance metrics are yet to be determined by City Council. Russo stands to earn an additional $10,000 per year in salary increases based on performance. He will also receive $15,000 annually in a “457 deferred compensation plan” and a $250/month car allowance.

Rodney Gilmore, Unidentified, Oakland City Attorney John Russo at Mayor Gilmore's November 2nd, 2010 Election Party at Otaez Restaurant*

(* Subsequent to this photo being published, a person representing herself as John Russo’s wife, Melissa Rosengard, posted a comment to this website identifying herself as the woman in the middle of this picture.)

5 comments to Oakland City Attorney John Russo Set to be Named Alameda City Manager

  • none

    Bet yer not fill up at the F.D.

  • Anonymous

    Cue angry post with lots of capital letters from Barb.

  • So remind me why our new City Manager John Russo and his family were skipping long time buddy and boss and presumptive Oakland Mayor-elect Don Perata’s victory party on election night to be at Gilmore, Tam and Bonta’s party at Oatez, way before Ann Marie Gallant was even fired breaking the City Charter? Was he checking on his donations? Is it that pesky Meyers Nave connection again?

  • Betty

    Aren’t we lucky…a 4th stooge.

  • Karen

    Great. And I mean that in the most sarcastic, exasperated way possible.

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