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Michele Ellson Shutters “The Island”

Last Friday, local independent reporter Michele Ellson announced that she is shuttering her news website, “The Island.”

“After more than three years of being your daily local news source,” she wrote, “The Island is shutting its doors.”

Citing the difficulty of turning out and managing “three to five stories a day, calendar and real estate listings, advertising and more,” Ellson confessed that it all “ended up being more than one person could handle, “even with the support of writers, editors and photographers.” A private operation, The Island never publicly reported financial statements.

Ellson ran the website for more than three years.

1 comment to Michele Ellson Shutters “The Island”

  • Karen

    Too bad. Much better than the local “news” rags. Would have liked to have seen it be more hard-hitting, though.

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