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City to Restructure Boards and Commissions

A staff recommendation before Alameda City Council tonight would fold the Alameda Film Commission into the Economic Development Commission, and the Public Art Commission into the Planning Board. The report justifies it on the basis of cost-savings.

The staff report recommends additional cost savings measures by reducing the number of meetings or reducing the number of members on various other commissions, such as the Transportation Commission.

It’s unclear how consolidating the Film Commission or the Public Art Commission will immediately save money – the former last met in January, 2009, and the latter met last in December of that same year.

The Economic Development, Recreation and Parks, Transportation, Disability Issues and Youth Advisory Commissions would carry on with reduced membership, attained through lottery, attrition and the resignation of volunteers. Some boards would also have their meeting frequency reduced.

The staff report did not quantify the actual dollar cost savings realized from the proposed restructuring.

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