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Schools to Face Cuts Despite Measure A Win

In an April community newsletter, released to the press yesterday, Alameda Unified School District Superintendent Kirsten Vital warned that the school district still faces program cuts despite the passage of Measure A in March.

“The unfortunate reality is that there is no way to know exactly what AUSD’s total financial picture will be for 2011-2012 until the State adopts a budget for the 2011-2012 school year,” wrote Vital in her newsletter. However, she wrote, “the level cuts [sic] we will face in Alameda will pale in comparison to the devestation we would have faced” without the passage of Measure A.

Last Tuesday, the District brought forth its allocation plan for Measure A funds. According to the plan brought forth by District staff, $3,120,000, or 26% of funds, would be allocated to “Attract and Retain Excellent Teachers – Maintenance of Current AEA Salary Schedule”; AEA stands for the Alameda Education Association, the labor bargaining unit for AUSD teachers. 16% of funds would be dedicated to “Programs to Close the Achievement Gap,” and 13% would be allocated to “maintaining manageable elementary class sizes with student to teacher ratios no greater than 25 to 1 in K-3 classrooms,” representing 18 “full time equivalent” positions, bringing the total allocation to AUSD teachers salaries and pensions to 39% of Measure A funds. Just 3%, or $355,200, will be allocated to charter schools.

The full AUSD presentation on the allocation of Measure A funds is reproduced here.

Boe_042611_f7-Allocation of Measure a Funds

6 comments to Schools to Face Cuts Despite Measure A Win

  • Karen

    Maybe they should start with some salary cuts… And what are these programs to cut the achievement gap?

  • Say what

    maybe the real problem is in Sacramento Karen.

  • Karen

    Well, who would know? There’s no transparency in the district. And what we do know is appalling.

  • Betty

    I think the real problem is the district keeps on putting band aids on the problems. One way to solve the problem is to close some schools. There are 9,000 school age children in Alameda and it takes 92 million a year to educate them. I am probably out of the loop, but that’s alot of money.

    So, is there a pool starting as to when another parcel tax goes on the ballot because they need another band aid?

  • GG

    Yes, close some schools and reduce salary. Lay off bad administration and teachers. Alameda school district waste taxpayers money.

  • nomoretaxes

    No way another parcel tax would pass….the voting citizens of Alameda are not stupid. The entire school board needs to go for fiscal mis-management.

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