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Dr. Deutsch Responds to Latest Allegations

Yesterday, Action Alameda News published a letter regarding allegations against Alameda Hospital’s Dr. Robert Deutsch. By press time, Dr. Deutsch had not responded to a request for comment on the allegations. However, after publication, we received a response from Dr. Deutsch.

Dr. Deutsch wrote, “It is not my group’s intent to persuade patients or their families to change physicians when they return from the Alameda Hospital to the Alameda Healthcare and Wellness Center Sub-acute Unit. Since I have never had any conversation with Dr. Kram about this issue, (or any other issue), and since he refuses to respond to my phone calls, I do not know why he believes that this is my group’s intent.”

Separately, Dr. Jerrold Kram, who wrote the original letter, addressed to the Alameda Health Care District Board of Directors, and forwarded to Action Alameda News for publication, also wrote:

“Thanks for airing the letter about my concerns regarding Dr. Deutsch. In my 35 years of practice I have seen a lot. I recognize that sometimes contracts and relationships change and that even among professionals there can be some competition. My concern here is the way in which the matters were handled. Clearly when given the opportunity to benefit financially Dr. Deutsch suffered no guilt in using his elected office and hospital position to benefit himself.

I am also still a bit shocked at his lack of concern about undermining the existing professional and personal relationships I had established with the patients I care for at the Alameda Health Care Center. Dr. Deutsch knows me and my professional skill and reputation very well, but did not make any effort to handle his participation at the facility in an ethical or moral fashion.

Ironically, I work with the excellent hospitalist group at Alameda Hospital frequently and know they have high regard for me. In fact both they and the Kaiser Permanente Medical Group team that care for patients in Alameda have specifically requested I continue to care for their patients and have recruited me to help in another nearby facility, rather than asking Dr. Deutsch who they encounter in the hospital on a daily basis.”

4 comments to Dr. Deutsch Responds to Latest Allegations

  • DHL

    I do not know Dr. Kram, but his letter is reasonable, his thinking in his letter is reasonable. Dr. Deutsch tends to be extremely haughty in person; the first time I met him and asked about the substandard stroke protocols on the steps of Cardinal Point, I was stunned at his deliberate harangue he launched in public in an attempt to distance and discredit me in front of the League of Women Voters—I had apparently his a nerve, a factual one.

    Avoiding arguments founded in reason, Deutsch tends to bring personal anecdotal stories to the table where facts and intellect are appropriate—even during Alameda Healthcare District Board meetings where business and healthcare strategy decisions are made, he brings meaningless arguments to the table instead of anything substantive. He uses this method to shut down opposing arguments, and thereby and IMO, reduces his own credibility to null.

  • Barb

    Deutsch: Actions speak louder than words. I can understand why Dr. Kram would not waste his time on listening to your ersatz attempts to justify your own actions either before or after. What you have done speaks out loud and clear to everyone. While you may purport to be a kindly competent doctor with only the best interest of your patients at heart, there is a picture of a fat wallet over your head in a thought envelope as you speak. Get real. Fess up. Why didn’t you even bother to speak to Dr. Kram BEFORE you took the position he worked hard for? Do the honorable thing, or face the consequences which can include up to triple damages for every penny you and your profit motivated cronies pull in by misusing your elected position to influence Alameda Hospital and patients to chose you and your paypals. Last time I checked, while there may be a 5 year statute of limitations on the felony, (and up to 3 years state prison) there is no statute of limiations and the civil remedies availabe to those whose trust was violated.

    What kind of incompetent management has led you to believe you can continue to get away with such conduct? This is what is giving medicine a really bad name. Greed and avarice at the helm and lazy idiots on the bridge.

  • alameda vigilante

    OK, several problems w/this thread. Alameda Care Center apparently goes by different permutations of the same name, correctly Alameda Health Care & Wellness Center (thx, Dr. D.)in case anyone wants to look it up, & there’s quite a list of deficiencies under “Health Inspections”. It’s a SNF & the only care they have any business doing is chronic & “sub-acute”. I looked up Dr. Kram & couldn’t find FAASM under specialty boards listed @; altho it suggests “FellowAmAcadSleepMed”, I found no such animal. Both Deutsch & Kram are listed @ as having identical specialty certifications in IM & Pulmonary Disease. It is rare for 1 MD to attack another in such a public forum, but if it must be so, in the interest of transparency, let’s define terms & be consistent so the taxpayers can follow!

  • Jerrold Kram

    FAASM is in fact Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and has offered board certification in sleep medicine for many years. Recently that function was transferred to the American Board of Internal Medicine, but the old boards are still recognized.

    Dr. Deutsch has tried to call me exactly once. But I can’t imagine what he and I would have to talk about. I stand behind my statements as to his behavior. If he wanted to talk he had several months to contact me while the plan was being hatched, out of professional courtesy if nothing else, and only when his actions caused my response did he try and call the one time.

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