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Where are the cops?

Action Alameda News received this letter before noon on Monday, May 16th.

Dear Editor:

Where are the cops when people are speeding down every street (including in school zones), running red lights and stop signs, and failing to stop for pedestrians?

For those of us who have lived in Alameda for a while, we’ve notice how the streets have become more dangerous for everyone – drivers and pedestrians alike. You used to see cops all over the place. Now, I rarely see a traffic stop. With the city in such dire financial straits, you would think there would be more traffic enforcement, not less. I’m not a big fan of speed traps, but things are out of control.

Any clue why?


— Karen Zimmerman, Alameda

1 comment to Where are the cops?

  • DHL

    Agreed with the driving. I’ve often thought I should buy one of the SLOW CHILDREN signs for the middle of the street… The APD is making money on ‘illegal parking’ tickets: if your state license/sticker is expired, you no longer get a fixit ticket: you get a fee only ticket with no need to show proof of correction. So yes, some of the rules are driving revenue and not the Mayberry RFD helpfulness we expect from the city and the APD when we’ve erred.