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Kapler Lawsuit, Lawrence Berkeley Labs Proposal on Closed-Session Agenda Tomorrow

Tomorrow night in closed-session, Alameda City Council will conference with legal counsel, and real property negotiators, regarding the lawsuit against the City filed by former Alameda Fire Chief David Kapler, and the City’s proposal to host Lawrence Berkeley Labs’ second campus at Alameda Point.

In mid-April, the former chief sued the City of Alameda for $4 million claiming wrongful termination and breach of contract. The case is HG11570933 in Alameda County Superior Court.

In early May, Lawrence Berkeley Labs announced that Alameda Point had made the short-list for possible second-campus locations. According to the agenda for tomorrow’s meeting, price and terms of payment for the Alameda Point proposal will be discussed.

Members of the public can address Council for up to 3 minutes on specific agenda items at closed-session meetings.

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