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Annexation of City of Alameda into Alameda County Emergency Medical Services District Moves Forward

Alameda property owners have a chance to protest the proposed annexation of of the City of Alameda into the Alameda County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) District. If the annexation goes through, residential property owners will see a new fee of $26.42 per unit per year levied on their property to cover a roughly $850,000 per year expense that is currently paid for out of the City’s General Fund.

A public notice of a June 20th hearing mailed to property owners in Alameda last week does not indicate the amount of the new tax that Alameda property owners would face, if insufficient protests are heard, but the May 12th meeting packet for the Local Agency Commission (LAFCo) provides the details. Alameda City Council in January elected to pursue this route to transfer the cost of the EMS contract out of the general fund.

The hearing is part of a Proposition 218 election process which requires approval by a majority of property owners or tenants that will be affected by the new tax – one need not be a registered voter to protest the new tax. To object to the tax, interested parties must file a written protest with the LAFCO Executive Officer prior to the June 20th hearing. According to the mailer, “each written protest must be signed and dated, must state whether it is made by a landowner or registered voter, and must include the name and address of the protestor and a street or parcel number identifying the location of the land.” Written protests must be mailed to Alameda LAFCo at 1221 Oak Street, Room 555, Oakland, CA 94612.

The public hearing will be June 20th, at 7:00 p.m. at Alameda City Hall, 2263 Santa Clara Avenue.

9 comments to Annexation of City of Alameda into Alameda County Emergency Medical Services District Moves Forward

  • DHL

    Will the new tax help us move our fire services to county? Would that that were the case!

  • No – everything in terms of services will stay the same. The only thing that will change is the City of Alameda will transfer the $850,000 EMS contract with the County directly to property owners through a new (new for Alameda residents) tax levy.

  • Karen

    How is this paid for now? I read the document, but it doesn’t say.

  • It’s paid from the City’s General Fund today. It’s effectively a tax increase.

  • alameda vigilante

    The protest hearing is open now. All protests must be received in writing on or before Monday, June 20, 2011, when the LAFCo Executive Officer Mona Palacios is scheduled to be in Alameda City Hall Council Chambers @ 7 pm to receive the last ones. B4 then, deliver your protest to Alameda LAFCo, 1221 Oak St.,Rm 555, Oakland, CA, 94612. You must be either a registered voter or landowner within the subject annexation territory (city?) to file a valid protest. Each written protest must be signed, dated, & state whether UR a reg voter (or) landowner, include your registered name & address, & your street/parcel number identifying the location of the land. Details of the tax are outlined in Resolution #2011-06, available upon request from or by calling (different than on the Notice, cuz I just called that one!):510-272-3894 & leaving your request, name & address. Seems to me we cannot shed ENOUGH lite on this process! Please join me in requesting more info about it.

  • Ed Hirshberg

    How can we be sure that this will not be the most cost effective way to handle this matter in the long run. Particularly given the city record for cost containment?

  • donna

    This also means that we wont have our own ems, I believe. Our ems will be coming from Oakland or where ever. Next we will out source the fire and the police, maybe even schools!

  • Donna – that is incorrect. The Alameda FD would continue to provide EMS services. The purpose of the annexation is to transfer the $850,000 per year out of the General Fund to a new, separate tax levy. That $850,000 pays for access to County-operated trauma centers, and paramedic training.

  • Barb

    So maybe out sorcing is not such a bad idea. Ask Zach

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