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House Fire Blocks Central Avenue

A house fire blocked Central Avenue at St. Charles today in Alameda at around 6:15 p.m. At least six fire trucks and engines responded to the scene.

The fire seemed to be out when Action Alameda News arrived, but westbound Central Avenue drivers were diverted to northbound St. Charles, and southbound Central Avenue drivers were told to turn around.

Asked what happened, an Alameda police sergeant on the scene said simply, “It’s a fire.” He couldn’t tell Action Alameda News if anyone was hurt, or provide any other details. Bystanders seemed to think that nobody was hurt, or otherwise didn’t know if anyone was injured.

1340 St. Charles House Fire Closes Central Avenue, June 2nd

Fire department and police respond to house fire at 1340 St. Charles Avenue, Alameda, June 2nd, 2011

1 comment to House Fire Blocks Central Avenue

  • anon

    Well of course a Police Sergeant wouldn’t be cross-trained to explain anything more than “It’s a fire”. Action Alameda would have had to talk to a FIREFIGHTER, who would then have to check the protocols to see what category a fire it was, or if anyone was hurt, how to explain that without revealing who the injured party was. Then it would have had to have been run by the City Manager to see if a Firefighter could talk to the press, then to the Risk Mananger then City Attorney for possible liability. Only then could a public release be made that the Mayor had asked for an investigation of the entire situtaion and that explanation would provide transparency and answers.

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