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Alameda Residents Cry for Criminal Prosecution Over Beach Drowning Tragedy

By Erica Madison

Last week, Alameda residents expressed their anger over the Robert Crown Memorial Beach drowning at a special joint meeting of the Alameda City Council, Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority and Community Improvement Commission.

In a death that was initially attributed to harsh budget cuts, ironically the first Alameda City Council meeting of the month discussed more severe budget cuts, but Mayor Marie Gilmore started the meeting by addressing the terrible and preventable tragedy that occurred at the Robert Crown Memorial Beach.

“Everybody is rightly upset. The Fire department is in the process of conducting a very thorough investigation of this matter and we will do that in a public and transparent manner”, said Mayor Marie Gilmore.

She informed the public that the interim Alameda Fire Chief (Mike D’Orazi) is taking immediate steps to investigate the policies regarding water rescue. In the future the fire department’s commander on the scene will have the discretion to send teams into the water.

Knowing that there were angry citizens in the audience, the Mayor started the meeting with public comments.

“The fact that our police and fire officials could not enter the water due to budget cuts is unconscionable” said one resident.

Adam Gillitt said, “I am astonished that no one could enter the water who had water training. This is unbelievably callous. Swimmers on the scene offered to help, but were told they could not.”

Gillet went on to say that criminal prosecution should be considered and there were other citizens who echoed this sentiment.

1 comment to Alameda Residents Cry for Criminal Prosecution Over Beach Drowning Tragedy

  • joel

    I haveb to laugh at the sordid affair we atre in and here it’s why , the Mayor was elected because the firemen ran a campaign of fear , {you will not be safe if the other is elected}, Mr Zach ca rest they protected him while walking on the beach , climbing on their truck while he was dying in a 54 degree water,an agonizing 65 minutes ,from the police recording we now all know he had no weapons , they all knew it , not even a pen.
    A svelt 30 years old women pulled him out of the water , our firefighter did not even get the sole of theit shoes wert , so much for bravery . they want an indepebndent transparent investigation, who is kidding who they will have their buddies from another town laying on paper what they will tell them because that is the way it goes among firefighters and police officers , they paid to get the mayor elected , they paid to get L tam elected , they paid to get Bonta elected , now it is payback new contract with a city manager that contributed to the peoples he is supposed to keep a tab on, can someonme tell me with a straight face since they are in the middle of signing a 10 years contract that there was no corruption , it is time to set the clocks at the rght time , the so call no watrer entry was their own choice not the City counsel not the Cityn manager
    it is time to recall the entire counsel and Mayor ,
    it is time to stop the City manager to sign any contract until this matter is resolve ,
    it is time that we the Citizen mandate no contact for any City emoployee shall be longer than 4 years let’s vote on it .
    what they have done is not negligence it is murder.

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