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City of Alameda Cancels Workshop on Managing the Unexpected

The City of Alameda has canceled a workshop, “Managing the Unexpected,” previously scheduled for Tuesday, June 21, at the Alameda Main Library. No explanation was given for the cancellation, and the City did not provide a future date for the workshop.

3 comments to City of Alameda Cancels Workshop on Managing the Unexpected

  • Barb

    Managing the Unexpected, is that like hiring someone with no experieince as a City Manager?
    Budgeting and paying firefighters to do 10 water rescues in fiscal year 2011, and then finding out the firefighters would later claim they really weren’t trained and certified and didn’t expect to do the rescues?
    Getting caught sending confidential emails to SUNCAL?
    Getting caught sending confidential emails to the firefighters union negotiators?
    Having photos posted on Action Alameda of our Mayor on her election night carousing with a whole host of the firefighters and their negotiating team?
    Having our City Treasurer and Auditor tell the Council Alameda will be bankrupt in 5 years if something isn’t done NOW?
    We have management by getting caught and lack of planning.
    I hope the Council is paying attention to the world press and notes that global warming is on a faster track than previously thought. The whole concept of building anything at Alameda Point needs to be planned with the serious possibility that some if not all of the fill will be under water in a few decades, and that the City will be broke when it comes time to pay for the promises broken by whatever developer the council is in bed with at the time.

  • smart voter

    “Getting caught sending confidential emails to the firefighters union negotiators? ”

    De Haans words…

    “Prior to their letter and phone calls, all city council discussions regarding disposition of ambulance services have been held in closed (confidential) session meetings. ”

    Has anybody connected the dots here? Confidential meetings have been leaked before and we all know the story and who was involved in that. The plot thickens!

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”
    Sir Walter Scott

  • alameda vigilante

    Barb: Heard on KRON-TV news this AM=Phil Matier on why Treasure Island (like Alameda Point) is less desirable (for homes & hi-rises)than the million-$$ views would lead U 2 believe: “It’s Windy. It’s Cold. And it’s SINKING, cuz its built on fill land!”

    “The whole city should show up June 7 & tell the council TO THROW OUT THE FIRE CONTRACT UNTIL YOU GET SOME ANSWERS”!!! Best plan yet.
    If 5-10 people showed up w/speaker slips & just repeated the line above:
    do you think it would be recorded in the minutes? (for future use!)

    Meanwhile, in Hercules, the recall election of Ward & Kuehene (sp?) is “going forward” as scheduled…

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