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Alameda City Manager Proposes Budget Cuts Across Departments

By Erica Madison

Fire, Police, Public Works, Libraries, Parks and Administrative services in City Hall, will all receive a budget cut.

According to acting City Manager Lisa Goldman at last week’s special joint meeting of the Alameda City Council, Alameda Reuse and Redevelopment Authority and Community Improvement Commission, it is up to City Council to decide how severe these cuts will be.

“The budget has gotten worse. The 6.2 million deficit increased since March 2011, by one million dollars and will continue to add 7- 9 million more by 2016. Budget cuts will affect all of Alameda including its residents. Unless we make significant structural changes”, said City Manager Lisa Goldman.

“We have done our best to insulate the community, but we no longer have that luxury.”

Facing the threat of depleting the general fund reserves, Goldman told the City Council that everyone would have to make sacrifices which included her and her office taking pay cuts. But even after the council makes these budget cuts Goldman said that money from the general fund would still need to be used to balance the budget for July 1st.

Part of the problem is that revenue is down by $200,000. The city receives two-thirds of its revenue from taxes. 33 percent of these taxes come from property taxes, which have continued to go down and are projected to continue decreasing for the fiscal year 2011-2012.

Even though the changes are numerous they’ll delay the fact that the general fund will be depleted by the fiscal year 2015-2016.

“These cuts will buy us time until we figure out how to solve this problem”, said City Manager Goldman.

6 comments to Alameda City Manager Proposes Budget Cuts Across Departments

  • Barb

    Acting City Manger Goldman? Didn’t the City hire Russo for 5 years, at 215K plus deferred comp of 15, plus all the administrative leave he wants? Oh yeah, I guess he is already taking administrative leave to clear up the mess he left in Oakland. Or does he not have to go to Council meetings here either?

    Don’t cut the libraries or Parks, halve public safety and let them work themselves back up if needed. Everytime I drive by the police parking lot, it seems like we have more parked APD cars than all of Oakland has on the streets. It seems like we really don’t need a City Manager either.

  • Mike Kelly

    I am a retired Fire Officer who lives in Alameda and I am pissed. Is there any way to get me in touch with Liz williams, the lady who laid it out so well to the City Council last night.

  • Note: Mr. Kelly posted a similar comment(s) that included his e-mail address and phone number. Per his request, we have forwarded his contact info to Liz Williams, and as a courtesy to Mr. Kelly, we’ve removed his postings that include his phone number and e-mail address. We’ve also invited Mr. Kelly to share his story with Action Alameda News.

  • joel

    Mr Russo take a pay cut , lead by example , it is our understanding you wanted $ 600 000 as year as salary can you comment other than bragging on your own video . Bush leave in Texas and he is out of office .

  • a94501er

    Joel, there’s no need for that drivel. $600k/year??? You sure you are not making this up? Everybody is better off if we don’t resort to hyperbole. Thanks.

  • zwargonetofar

    We need more cuts especially to executives who are no more then paper pushers! Why pay for their salary through funds needed in other “Important Areas” Schools are needed and this criminals who want to make drastic cuts – need to go to prison or worse! Yet no one is standing up to them and it seems no ones really interested – are you ?

    The cuts need to be done to DHS, Mental Health, Alcohol and Drug Addiction programs and treatment centers – most of the individuals that are “suppose to be helped continue to take drugs keep on being mentally ill and more rights need to be given to the parents not DHS!”

    This Country is sinking and people need to Wake-Up before it’s to Late – Oh yea IT IS TO LATE!

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