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City of Alameda Calls for Independent Investigation Into Raymond Zack Incident

A City of Alameda press release distributed to the media late today says that Alameda City Council unanimously called for an “independent review” into the Memorial Day drowning of Raymond Zack. However, there was no formal vote at last night’s Council meeting.

Further, although Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore announced the independent review last night, neither her comments then nor today’s press release state when that review would begin, or what agency or body would conduct it. Today’s release states only that the City is in the process of securing an “independent expert” to review the City’s policies, documents and protocols.

The City also says that it will release this week a number of documents related to the incident on it’s website, such as recordings of Alameda Fire and Police Department dispatch and radio calls.

Over the weekend, Action Alameda News started the Raymond Zack Project to also present accumulated documentationk public records and reader contributions related to the incident.

5 comments to City of Alameda Calls for Independent Investigation Into Raymond Zack Incident

  • Only one person will conduct this review? Who will select this person? How will we guarantee that this person has no previous connections or allegiances to Alameda officials, like Meyers Nave or Nancy O’Malley? Why not an independent government authority with the ability to prosecute the criminal wrongdoing generated by the culture of the AFD and APD? Is it more important for Gilmore to protect her benefactors than it is to protect the citizens of Alameda?

  • Barb

    I nominate Daniel Lisker a retired lieutenant from the Oakland Fire Department. Whoa, not so fast. I think he has already figured it out. They are gonna have to find someone really stupid or else they are simply building the foudation for and promoting a lawsuit against the City of Alameda.
    Action Alameda, can you run those photos from GILMORE’s facepage or whatever again? A picture is worth a thousand words.

  • a94501er

    Why am I skeptical that a Mayor who has her arms draped around the FireFighter’s union chief isn’t going to be very critical of their actions on Memorial Day??

    This is beyond the pale.

  • joel

    the review will start as soon as they have clean up all evidence , bet you some are burning the midnight oil to clean up the records .

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