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VF Outdoors Changes Building Plans for its Alameda Campus

By Erica Madison and Staff Reports

Located on Harbor Bay Parkway, VF Outdoors‘ construction is on schedule to bring its business to Alameda, thanks to a recent unanimous parcel map approval from the Alameda Planning Board.

Since 2010, construction has been underway to bring VF Outdoors, a $7 billion-plus American apparel company to Alameda. An important move for Alameda, as the city struggles to regain its tax revenue, which has been steadily decreasing and will continue to decrease according to a report from acting City Manager Lisa Goldman.

In 2010, VF Outdoors went to the Alameda Planning Board and received an approval to build five office buildings on the water front. The company originally planned to build five buildings on one parcel of thirteen acres, but the company returned to the Planning Board on June 13th, 2011, to ask for an approval to divide eleven acres into four parcels. This means the remaining four buildings will each reside on their own parcel.

With these approved changes, VF Outdoors will be on track to open its doors for the summer 2012. The campus will have fifty to sixty bicycle parking spaces.

VF Outdoors is an important addition to Alameda for the job creation it will bring to the city.

According to a Planning Board report: with approximately 650 professional level positions, VF Outdoors will become one of the largest private sector employers in Alameda.

On June 13th, parent VF Corporation announced that it would acquire The Timberland Company in a $2 billion transaction. In a statement, Eric Wieseman, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of VF Corporation said that Timberland will complement the premium North Face brand, driving VF’s Outdoor and Action Sports business to 50% of an anticipated total of $10 billion in revenue per year.

4 comments to VF Outdoors Changes Building Plans for its Alameda Campus

  • Marie

    Am I the only person who finds it strange new construction
    is necessary anywhere in 94501 or 02? Last I checked there
    were many empty buildings in Marina Village and out on
    Harbor Bay business park. What am I missing??

  • It would seem that VF wants a build-to-suit campus on a pristine site…

  • hobnob

    Not at all, if VF is coming in with all their brands, the Harbor Bay business park may not include everything they want.

    I’ve only seen a few of these buildings, but they look only like office buildings. VF’s campus may want a cafeteria or work out room or whatnot for their employees.

  • Yes, they do – one of the buildings is an amenities building with cafeteria, etc.

    VF Corporation is not coming in with all their brands – this campus is for the VF Outdoor division.

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