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Alameda City Council to Vote on Budget Tomorrow Night

At a City Council meeting tomorrow night at City Hall, Alameda City Council members will vote on a resolution adopting a capital and operating budget for the City of Alameda for the fiscal year (FY) 2011 to 2012, which begins July 1st, 2011. Documents supporting the resolution project annual budget deficits as high as $5.3 million every year from FY2011-12 through FY2015-16.

The General Fund reductions for FY2011-2012 include $284,000 in savings through “general government reductions” in the City Attorney, City Manager and Information Services offices, and a reduced budget for City Council memberships.

Human Resources and Finance are facing a $195,000 reduction through reduced use of contractual services, materials and supplies. Libraries will have staffing reduced as will Parks and Recreation, for a combined savings of $478,000.

The plan also includes the outsourcing of the animal shelter, currently operated by the Alameda Police department, and the elimination of nine positions, four of which are vacant police officer positions.

The fire department would face the smallest hit in percentage terms – only a 3.5% reduction. No firefighters would be laid-off, but four non-sworn positions would be eliminated, one Deputy Fire Chief position would be eliminated, and one Deputy Fire Chief position would be reclassified.

7 comments to Alameda City Council to Vote on Budget Tomorrow Night

  • 94502

    Let’s place bets on who gets “eliminated” and who gets “reclassified” in the AFD.
    Where were they and what were they doing on May 30?

  • Barb

    What’s the point? AFD is the tail wagging the dog. They got what they wanted and the taxpayers and residents get the leftovers. When “PUBLIC SAFETY” controls 75% of the budget, and is determined to drag Alameda into bankruptcy within 5 years, there really isn’t much that management can or will do.

  • Betty

    The Firefights Union contolls the city. They have most of the city council in their pocket. Nothing is going to happen.

  • […] Alameda: Tonight, Mayor Gilmore intends to approve a budget (Agenda Item 4A-i) with projected annual deficits ”as high as $5.3 million every year from FY2011-12 through FY2015-16.”  Cuts from departments are in the very low six-figures. The Fire Department budget shows only a 3.5% reduction with no firefighter layoffs.  (<<< that’s right: no reductions in pay/benefits for the firefighters and no layoffs << but then we knew that from that last and unfreakingbelievable city council meeting, didn’t we?) The significant police budget cuts come from eliminating the Animal Shelter and staffing therefor.  Source: AAN. […]

  • alameda vigilante

    Would you want Marie Gilmore to marry your daughter? Only $52! Hitting closer to home is the item following the budget, also a PUBLIC HEARING=new “Master Fee (Schedule)Resolution” for city services, adding new fees & raising others. Since there are now prodigious fees levied just to protest a fee, everyone would do well check this out. Some are news to me that they even existed. (1st & only) item under City Council: MARRIAGES:$52 each. Does anyone know of any marriages ever performed by Alameda’s City Council? And U can buy different sizes of the City Flag. 5’X8’costs $100 but a “desk flag” is only $5. However, as of 6/28, no one I spoke w/in the City Clerks office had seen a desk flag. More seriously, this document seems to be an exhausive list of every permit & license for every move you make, every step you take, every word you spake, the City’s charging you! There is even (pg 32) a “scofflaw” fee=$68. Wonder what THAT one covers!

  • DHL

    what’s the ‘investigative fee’ which is charged out at ‘four times the activity fee’???

    And apparently if I put a greenhouse in my backyard, I have to pay a $700 fee?! Seriously? The city would make more money and be better off 1. enforcing building code violations and 2. levying fees that actually cause people to IMPROVE their behavior.

  • DHL

    fire reports, $1. HUH?

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