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Cause of Raymond Zack Death is Drowning

This morning, a spokesperson at the Alameda County Coroner’s Bureau told Action Alameda News that the Bureau has determined that the cause of death of Raymond Zack is drowning.

9 comments to Cause of Raymond Zack Death is Drowning

  • carol

    Still need to see the actual death certificate. There is usually a place for the immediate cause of death, & a place for contributing factors leading up to it;e.g.: Immediate=Myocardial Infarction/Caused by=Coronary Artery Disease. A man standing w/feet on the bottom of the Bay & head above water would have to have lost consciousness or all tone in his neck muscles to let his face fall into the water & inhale H2O w/o a survival reflex to jerk it back out. This could happen as a side effect of medications or if he was DIABETIC & simply needed a bolus of glucose, after being in the water for an hour, which I thought EMTs had in their kits.

  • Liz

    Thanks, Carol. I asked the Coroner’s office about contributing factors and was told the coroner will only testify to drowning, and gave no indication of contributing factors. But, as you point out, they have to exist. In addition to the factors you mentioned, I’ll add hypothermia, which paramedic Pemberton refers to in one tape or another – they are beginning to blur together.

  • Barb

    The “coroner” is the Sheriff of Alameda County. He hires pathologists from a local firm to do the autopsy. Rarely do they state anything other than the obvious “Cause of death – multiple gunshot wounds”. And if asked will tell you that a gunshot wound to the knee could have been cause of death if allowed to bleed; rather than stating the clearly obvious: The bullet to the head was the fatal shot. Therefore all wounds contribute to death. About 90% of all autopsies in Alameda county are gunshot wounds. So not much expertise involved.
    I do not expect anything qualitative from the Sheriff’s pathologist as to contributing factors. We know they were AFD, APD, GILMORE, BONTA & TAM, arrogance, and ignorance.

  • Gregg

    We have some extremely well trained retired people in this town that could conduct a non biased investigation. One person who come to mind would be Sharon Van Meter a retired pathologist. One retired firemen that comes to mind is Charlie Fasso who is extremely qualified community voluteer. The problem with the investigator chosen by Marie and the lawyer council is that he will only review the documents provided to him by the city. He is not going to be able to have free reign to the city server, union server etc. In my profession which is very similar to the investigators, our professional opinion may be in fact be neutral but the documents the clients provide for analysis are not. The list of documents used to formulate his opinion are critical. The educated people who care about truth in this city need to review the document trail globally. The council stacked with attorneys is treating this as a court case, not an investigation. I would like to see the investigators proposal letter to see what he plans to review for his analysis. The worst part of this whole thing is that the Council is in bed with the firefighters union. This relationship benefits only the politicians encumber in the love affair and does benefit the good of all. Having a teacher wife and seeing the status of our school as compared to our fire department makes me sick. We just gave 4 mil in soft funds to Weaver and his lazy co-workers to buy new trucks while my wife has a VCR in her classroom. Her overhead projector is broken, we buy all the students supplies etc. It is sad to see where our local politicians priorities lie. Sad. The worst is watching the school board members in the Oatez series sit with the group of firefighters like cheerleaders not standing up for our schools. We need civic leaders. We need people who care about the future of the city. Not new fire trucks and boats. All we needed at the beach on memorial day were grown men that have the guts and the moxy to stand up and do what is right for man kind. The firefighters need an ethics course not more physical training. The teachers have made huge cuts now it’s time to get real with fire.

  • Betty

    Thank you Greg.

  • 94502

    All it would have taken was some guts by the fire”men” to walk out and talk with Raymond Zack.

    Of course, they would have needed a moral compass, also.

  • Anonymous

    Betty: are you the same Betty who was against Measure A, saying that it was bad because too much money was being spent on education, and that you moved here to retire but liked the “old” Alameda, and couldn’t afford the parcel tax but were exempt from it, and so may move to New Mexico? We don’t have the sharpest knives in the drawer commenting on this site. Please stay away from the events encouraging LBL to locate here–we don’t want them to think we’re a town of dumb hicks.

  • Barb

    Anonymous: You are A McMahon right?
    Leave Betty alone. She is not the problem. Do not try to deflect away from the issue!!
    YOU are the problem.
    And by the way, I am really one of the sharpest knives in the dawer. You are not.
    LBL will do what it wants. Many of its employees live here. The choice is between easy access and other stuff. We are just other stuff.

  • joe buck