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Alameda Street Repair and Resurfacing Continues

Residents across Alameda are about to be inconvenienced by the next phase of the City of Alameda Public Works Department’s street repair and resurfacing effort. The City estimates that the work will be done by the end of August.

Construction work hours are to be limited to from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. The contractor is to keep one lane of traffic open at all times, except when sealing operations are underway, and residents can expect the temporary loss of on-street parking during construction, for up to one week at a time.

The following streets are affected:

  • Robert Davey Jr. Drive, Island Drive to Packet Landing Road
  • Bridgeview Isle, full length
  • Calhoun Street, College Avenue to Court Street
  • Doris Court, full length
  • Fourth Street, Central Avenue to Pacific Avenue
  • Grace Court, full length
  • Island Drive, Mecartney Road to Catalina Avenue
  • Kofman Parkway, Tralee Lane to Applegate Way
  • Mastick Court, full length
  • Pearl Street, Calhoun Street to San Jose Avenue
  • Pease Court, full length
  • Seaview Parkway, Tralee Lane to Kara Road
  • Stanton Street, Lincoln Avenue to Buena Vista Avenue
  • Washington Street, Broadway to Versailles Street
  • Wayne Court, full length

Additionally, “Parking Lot A,” off of Park Avenue, between Central Avenue and Santa Clara Avenue, will be closed for several days of repair and resurfacing in August, to be noticed separately.

2 comments to Alameda Street Repair and Resurfacing Continues

  • DHL

    The city does preferential street resurfacing. I the West End, streets that had better pavement than my block were resurfaced two years ago and new handicapped corners put in. They stopped one block short of my block and haven’t been back….. On Fourth of July, two people on wheelchairs returning from the parade got stuck in the ruts in the pavement getting back onto the sidewalk….several of us needed to offer assistance. Fortunately, dozens of people were out and about, but on a typical day, that wheelchair bound person would have been stuck for hours I think, the street is so quiet. And the woman who comes around with pavement to ramp up the sidewalk where it’s uneven, she missed a full 50% of the pink-spray painted lines; shelves in the sidewalks that are trip hazards….

  • 94502

    The streets leading to the Harbor Bay Club, owned by Ron Cowan) are being worked on now. Ron Cowan=big $$$ donor to Bev Johnson. He’s also the one offering some cash to Marie Gilmore to complete his land swap that will benefit him to the tune of BIG DOLLARS.

    Yes, the city does preferential street resurfacing. You pay to play, and they will do for you.