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Special AUSD Board Meeting at Noon Today

The Alameda Unified School District Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting at an unusual time today – at twelve noon. On the agenda are labor negotiation items, including a performance review of the Superintendent, Kirsten Vital, and negotiations with Ms. Vital, and negotiations with represented and un-represented AUSD staff.

The meeting will take place at 12:00 noon today, in the Superintendent’s conference room, at AUSD’s administrative offices at 2200 Central Avenue. Members of the public are permitted to comment on closed session topics before the Board adjourns to closed session.

In closed session, the Board will also review negotiations with the City of Alameda for entitlements to “certain real property at Alameda Point,” and progress on the parcel tax lawsuits over Measure H (Beery et. al., v. AUSD, and Borikas, et. al., v. AUSD consolidated Case #RG 08-405984. Also see VG08405316 and A129295.) and Measure A, (Nelco, Inc. v. AUSD, Case #RG 11574574) The Alameda Unified School District has not yet filed its appeal court response brief in the Measure H lawsuit.

The link for the meeting agenda is here.

7 comments to Special AUSD Board Meeting at Noon Today

  • Betty

    Doesn’t Vital make enough money??????

  • Karen

    I give her an F. How about a review by the taxpayers?

  • Lua

    Very BadBad superintendent,Vital needs to resign. Number of lawsuits, wast taxpayers funds. Discrimination, racism and….. inefficiency job

  • Betty

    Bet she’ll get a raise.

  • XM

    Alameda school district, is very a mess, poor performing administrators and teachers, definitely waste taxpayers money and should leave. Not moral and unethical behavior. They’re so unequal and not improving the students.

  • Betty

    I still don’t understand how they can’t educate 9,000 kids with a 92M budget.

  • Jose

    Violations of human rights,get rid of the bad administration and teachers to save money,city and the country.