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Widespread Property Value Declines Across Alameda County

Earlier this month, Alameda County Tax Assessor Ron Thomsen reported that his office has delivered the 2011-12 local property tax assessment roll for the County, which includes 108,357 properties, or roughly 23%, that realized reduced assessments due to market value declines. Alameda residents have already begun receiving their notification of 2011-2012 assessed value from the County.

In a media release, the Assessor noted that 490,000 taxable properties were assessed, for a net local tax roll, after all exemptions, of $192 billion. Property assessments that didn’t decline realized an increase of .753% in accordance with the State of California mandatory inflation index.

The city of Oakland, followed by the city of Fremont, are the two highest assessed-value jurisdictions in Alameda County, accounting for $76.1 billion of assessed value.

Assessed value appeals for the 2011-12 tax year must be made between July 2 and September 15, 2011 with the County Assessment Appeals unit. More information on how to appeal your assessed value is available on the notification mailer, or online here.

1 comment to Widespread Property Value Declines Across Alameda County

  • DHL

    yeah….a 5-unit magnificent, large grande dame of a Victorian on a very large lot, near me, just sold for under $700K. Thanks for the information on how to appeal to the county…..