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Alameda Point Restoration Advisory Board to Meet Next Thursday

The Alameda Point Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) meeting is set to meet next Thursday, August 4, 2011 from 6:30 p.m., at 950 W. Mall Square on Alameda Point. The board provides oversight of the superfund cleanup of the former Naval Air Station Alameda. Members of the public are welcome and permitted to attend these meetings and make public comment.

The key technical discussion for next week’s meeting will be the design and work plan for the cleanup process for “Site 24”. Site 24 refers to the sediments at the deep water piers numbers 1 & 2, located immediately south of Seaplane Lagoon, near the USS Hornet. The Navy plans to dredge the area to remove contaminants – which, according to Navy documents, include PCBs, pesticides and metals – from the sediment, and thereby return the site to unrestricted use.

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