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Special City Council Meeting on Saturday Regarding City Attorney

Late today, the City of Alameda announced that it will hold a special City Council meeting at City Hall West to consider the vacant City Attorney position.

The meeting will start at 8:15 a.m., and members of the public can address City Council before they adjourn to closed session; City Hall West is at 950 West Mall Square at Alameda Point, and the meeting is in Conference Room 156.

Last week, a tipster sent a message to Action Alameda News suggesting that former Oakland City Councilmember Danny Wan, now the City Attorney for Morgan Hill, was the pre-selected candidate. Mr. Wan did not respond to e-mails requesting confirmation of his candidacy for the job. Action Alameda News has been otherwise unable to verify the veracity of the tip.

Earlier this year, Wan had been rumored to be in the running for the Alameda City Manager job, which went to former Oakland City Attorney, and former Oakland Councilmember John Russo. Wan was appointed to Russo’s seat on Oakland City Council after Russo was elected City Attorney there in 2000.

21 comments to Special City Council Meeting on Saturday Regarding City Attorney

  • Oaklameda

    Jesus christ, is there anybody Russo doesn’t drag along with him? He wants his former aide in the city manager’s office, and now this.

  • Marie

    Danny was hired by morgan hill in 2008 for 175,000 plus 450 car allowance. Watch out alameda, i’m sure he earns more now.

  • DHL

    Does that mean it won’t be videotaped either? I wonder if there will be an audio recording…..

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  • Barb

    Well at least RUSSO isn’t claiming he can now do both jobs – City Manager and City Attorney – and get both paychecks.

  • alamedavigilante

    I don’t know about you, but I’m getting fed up w/this seemingly incestuous relationship among city attorneys, managers, maybe even councilmembers. The same guy is city atty of both Pinole & Union City. Highsmith tried to be CA of both here & Barstow @ once. Bonta’s a councilman here & an SF city atty simultaneously. Russo just won the trifecta of having been a councilman, a city atty, & now a city manager. After his contract here runs out, rumor has it he’ll retire. Why do I get the feeling NONE of these people even try to represent the cities they work for but some massive conglomerate supplying the “top city officials pool”? No conspiracy theory; I just think it’s a BIG business. At least here in California. The same people run all the cities over a certain size. No more homegrown heroes.

  • alamedavigilante

    Well, this is exactly like the way our latest City Manager was selected. Remember? There was a Sat 9 AM closed session city council meeting w/the alleged 6 semi-finalists for THAT job @ The Hampton Inn @ HBI. No public spectators attended & it wasn’t recorded. Once again, I remind the citizens of Alameda that THERE IS NO EVIDENCE that anyone other than those 6 even submitted new applications for that job (based on the emails received from city staff in response to public records requests), & we only know the identities of 3 of them.
    But, hey, maybe “everyone’s [other cities] doing it”! Why not Alameda?

  • Barb

    They will get away with it as long as we let them. Their allegiance is clearly to the Firefighters who put them in office, and Ron Cowan who is now buying their attention and efforts and lunces and dinners.

    If we keep putting self-serving hypocrites like these in office – we deserve to have our coffers drained into bankruptcy and triple dippers like RUSSO, BONTA et al, rip us off in perpetuity.

    What did anyone really expect? After TAM so boldly got away with sticking it to the voters by selling out privileged information to the firefigters? Then we had to pay her attorneys fees? Salt into the wounds. Get over it everyone. Either do something about it, or join RAYMOND ZACK. They think we are lemmings and we obviously are. We keep taking lower and lower levels of ethics, professionalism and competence without action. They will continue in this downward decline until there is nothing left to steal from us, and the quality of life has declined to a point where no one wants to live here.

  • Liz Wms

    Barb, thanks for laying it on the line. That’s exactly right.

  • 94502

    To continue Barb’s comment–People are leaving already.

  • Mike

    Yes, people are already moved out of Alameda and the home price is declining a lot. Its relates to mismangement…………

  • Barb

    What happened to that recall in Hercules?

  • Anonymous

    Right, Mike. House prices are falling because of city mismanagement. You really believe that?

  • alameda vigilante

    Barb, I refuse to join the BROWN-Nosed SHEEPLE;those who line up to pat City Council & Staff on the back for every move they make, right or wrong. Speaking of Zack, it’s the 2-month anniversary of his death & we still don’t know why he drowned.

  • notmayberry

    When the 8:15AM Saturday Special CC meeting began, 3 members of the public voiced their discomfort @ LESS than 48 hours written notice for the meeting. This meeting was not properly noticed, but that didn’t stop the 5 member city council from holding an all-day job interview marathon @ City Hall West for the position of City Attorney.

  • Anonymous

    “Either do something about it, or join RAYMOND ZACK.”

    Using someone’s death as a political prop is a touch tasteless, even by BARB’s standards. And what is it with BARB’s use of capitals? Is she actually shouting as she types?

    The regulars here are a little too apocalyptic in their thinking, and whisk one another into a righteous froth of indignation.

    There needs to be an effective opposition in this town. DeHaan is simply not up to the task. But having a bunch of bitter people yelling to one another is no way to achieve anything.

  • alameda vigilante

    So, City Council, I just came from your website. Where’s the “Announcement of Actions Taken in Closed Session, if any”? You 5 were holed up in City Hall West ALL DAY LONG, Saturday, 7/30/2011, from 8:15 am, interviewing City Attorney applicants. You must have something to say! How many of the 43 showed up for an interview? Is that number also subject to change, like the 65, er uh 72, City Manager candidates?
    Is it valid for that meeting to have even taken place, since public notice was given LESS than 48 hours before it began?

  • Liz Williams

    “…having a bunch of bitter people yelling to one another is no way to achieve anything.”

    Anonymous, is that all you think is happening?

    “There needs to be an effective opposition in this town. DeHaan is simply not up to the task.” Besides telling the regulars here how ineffective they are, and making pronouncements, how are you contributing to an effective opposition, Anonymous? Oh, that’s right – your contribution is to refuse to post under your real name. That’s a GREAT start. Thanks for stopping by to show us how it’s done, Jon, or John. Or is it Dom? Or…?

  • Anonymous

    You don’t disagree with my description, I see. You don’t think you’re maybe just a little bit shrill sometimes? Perhaps it’s time to wean yourself off the Glenn Beck.

  • alameda vigilante

    There’s nothing wrong w/not posting under your real name. It’s done in blogs & media across the country, around the world. Using one’s real name is the exception, not the rule. Other examples include Lewis Carroll, Mark Twain & John Wayne. So why use something as pedestrian as “Anonymous”?
    Liz & anon are both deflecting from the info in my posts that exposes untoward secrecy in Alameda government. Secrecy often=corruption. Corruption leads to financial irresponsiblility & the violation of citizens’ rights. I for 1 have had my property seized by this City, via its City Attorney’s office, w/o reimbursement based on a perjured APD statement. I was unable to lauch an investigation on my own. If it can happen to me, it might happen to you.

  • hobnob

    I am also sick of the friends hiring friends in this city… government/politics didn’t have a pristine reputation, this is kinda smarmy looking.

    Also, nobody, not the city, not the APD, not the AFD has stated why nobody walked in halfway or took a bullhorn and talked to Raymond Zack. After the investigation is over, I’d like to hear from all 3 of them asked separately but near the same time why they didn’t do that.

    There is a time to be neighbourly and a time to be professional. Government business should be professional as well as city services.