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City Hall Elevator Down for August

The elevator at Alameda City Hall will be out of service for the month of August for repairs. Residents that need City Hall services will have to either use the phone, or ask for help from ground-floor staffers in reaching second and third floor departments.

The City of Alameda has provided the following contact info for ground-floor departments:

  • Central Permits Office, Room 190, 747 – 6800
  • Community Development, Room 120, 747 – 6850
  • Risk Management, Room 130, 747 – 4760

Phone numbers for departments on the second and third floors are as follows:

  • City Attorney’s Office, 747 – 4750
  • City Clerk’s Office, 747 – 4800
  • City Manager’s Office, 747 – 4700
  • Finance, 747 – 4881
  • Human Resources, 747 – 4900

2 comments to City Hall Elevator Down for August

  • Anonymous

    Do the outrages perpetrated by GILBOMTAM never cease?

  • DHL

    There goes the city council’s explanation of WHY they had the meeting at City Hall West: they claimed it was to be able to provide handicap access…. Let’s see: meeting on July 30th, elevators down for repairs on August 1st. yeah, that makes sense. They didn’t give a damn about handicap access: they locked the door at City Hall West that the ramp goes to!

    And worse: if they had the meeting at City Hall (east?), they all could have gone to the Park Street Faire for a bite rather than have all-day catering…..and they each could have arrived carrying their own damn bagel and coffee like the rest of us do when we head into work! I wonder how much that catering cost for that day. So glad they and the firefighters are getting to enjoy our tax dollars. Meanwhile, the pavement in my neighborhood is so corroded that people in wheelchairs get stuck in the streetcorner ramps!

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