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Alameda Hospital Seeks New Chief Financial Officer

A July 12, 2011 memo from Alameda Hospital Chief Executive Officer Deborah Stebbins, obtained by Action Alameda News through a public records request, explains that former Hospital Chief Financial Officer (CFO) David Neapolitan left his role at the Hospital “by mutual agreement,” effective July 15th. The departure has cause the Hospital to seek a new permanent CFO to replace Mr. Neapolitan.

The memo, addressed to the Board of Directors of the City of Alameda Health Care District, which oversees the hospital and some $6 million in annual parcel tax levies, and the hospital management team and medical executive committee, explains that as of Wednesday, July 13th, Diana Surber, a consultant with HFS Consultants – a firm previously contracted by the hospital to work on strategic projects – began serving in the role of Interim Controller until the CFO role can be filled permanently.

Mr. Neapolitan’s departure comes, according to the memo, as the hospital launches its 2012 fiscal budgetary year, and its new Wound Care Center program. Mr. Neapolitan did not respond to requests for comment sent to him last week through Facebook, when we first requested a copy of the memo from the hospital.

2 comments to Alameda Hospital Seeks New Chief Financial Officer

  • DHL

    great. (not). So the firm that helped Tam, Bonta, and Deutsch and others create hospital business strategies to drive more revenue from substandard ambulance protocols, is now in charge of our hospitals financial reporting…. I guess this means Surber will rubber stamp the highly risky decisions the Alameda Healthcare District is making wrt loans, capital expenditures, etc. Does no one in this city get that we are in a recession? About to be a depression? Does no one get the being exceedingly fiscally conservative right now is the ONLY thing that makes sense?

  • Marie

    DHL, Sadly, no. I believe we are in a depression, I don’t care about the technicalities. In the 90s the Marina Village development was fully occupied,now I’d venture to say 80% of the buildings are empty and up for lease. I used to buy the argument that an emergency room was needed since we are an island. I no longer believe it since I am sickened at how every unit of the city is run like a personal fiefdom.

    How dare anyone complain!

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