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GameChanger Changes the Game on Corporate Innovation

GameChanger Products, of Alameda, announced yesterday the launch of the GC Combinator, a new service that lets corporations tap teams of entrepreneurs to help develop innovative products.

The company says that the service provides corporate managers and executives an opportunity to work directly with successful entrepreneurs over several days to reinvent product categories and business concepts.

“Many corporations are in need of disruptive innovations to help drive future growth, and they need out-of-the-box thinking to shake things up,” said GameChanger CEO Larry Popelka, formerly of Clorox.

The entrepreneurs benefit as well, according Mr. Popelka, from activities that bridge them from startup to startup.

GameChanger says its model is loosely based on the successful Silicon Valley Y Combinator model, which has been responsible for more than 300 successful new businesses in the past five years.

The GC Combinator model has already been tested with a range of corporations, on categories from toothpaste to automotive products, according to a statement.

The company is based in the Harbor Bay Businss Park.

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