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Mayor Marie Gilmore Amends Campaign Filings to Remove Boys & Girls Club Donation

Earlier this week, Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore filed amended campaign financial statements at City Hall that eliminated a previously reported donation from the Alameda Boys & Girls Club. The amendment was filed on Tuesday, August 2nd, one day after Action Alameda News reported that the Mayor’s July 28th filing statements included a $250 donation from the Boys & Girls Club, in violation of IRS prohibitions against non-profits giving money to political candidates.

The filings were a Fair Political Practices Commission-mandated six-month update on campaign revenues and expenditures, pursuant to Ms. Gilmore’s successful mayoral campaign last November. The mid-year reporting period runs from January 1 to June 30th, and candidates have until the beginning of August to file.

As part of an ongoing review of campaign filings, Action Alameda News observed the Boys & Girls Club donation and reported on it. According to the July 28th financial statements signed by the Mayor, the donation was received on May 16th of this year.

Subsequent to Monday’s Action Alameda News article, Boys & Girls Club executive director George Phillips and Mayor Gilmore made statements to the media about the donation; Mr. Phillips said the check was written against a club account in error, and Ms. Gilmore said she was returning the money and denied that the donation was a payback for her 2009 vote to commit $2 million of public funds to the Alameda Boys & Girls Club.

A self-described “outraged resident,” who asked not to be named for this article, indicated to Action Alameda News their intent to report the original donation to the I.R.S. as a form of tax fraud. An IRS web page indicates that violation of the prohibition on political donations may result in revocation of tax-exempt status for the donor agency, and the imposition of excise taxes on the donated amount.

Mayor Marie Gilmore's July 28 2011 Campaign Filing Statement

Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore's July 28, 2011 campaign filing statement reporting a donation from the Alameda Boys & Girls Club

Mayor Marie Gilmore's August 2, 2011 Campaign Filing Statement

Alameda Mayor Marie Gilmore's August 2, 2011 amended campaign filing statement removing a reported donation from the Alameda Boys & Girls Club

12 comments to Mayor Marie Gilmore Amends Campaign Filings to Remove Boys & Girls Club Donation

  • But… but… Marie gave the money back as soon as she got caught noticed the check was in error… Why is everyone so upset? Remember, the messenger is the bad guy here, not the people who committed the crime; this is Alameda!

  • Barb

    Gee no wonder she doesn’t admit to being a real attorney.

  • vigi

    Actually I’m almost inclined to believe the mayor on this one. What kind of idiot walks around w/pre-signed checks in his pocket? Now he’s an easy mark for muggers who want to extract a lot of cash from this local non-profit. This is worse than Weiner flashing the nation w/his junk. George Phillips should resign. Behavior like this only supports corruption in government. The Boys & Girls club needs a new executive director.

  • 94502

    While talking about the land swap deal being arranged for Ron Cowan (the golf course/180+houses, etc…) Gilmore said something like, “It’s the CASH.”

    Same as in the B&G Club deal and donation to Gilmore, it’s about the cash.

    It’s not cash that’s so bad, but the LOVE of CASH that gets one into trouble.

    And we have big trouble here in Alameda.

  • Michael

    “Phillips said he believes he may have been carrying a check that had already been cosigned by the club’s board president, Sally Rudloff, in his pocket when he attended the fundraiser and that he inadvertently offered it in place of a personal check. He said he occasionally carries pre-signed checks to pay for club supplies.”

    Why is the president of the board signing blank checks? That is reckless. This private organization is receiving millions in public funds but lacks the most basic financial controls. What oversight is the City of Alameda providing to make sure that public funds are being spent appropriately?

  • Marie

    Anyone who believes these guys aren’t corrupt is in denial.
    I’ve read posts on another blog and still sit here in astonishment.
    blank checks in pocket, REALLY!

  • Betty

    Can you list all of the contributors to our dear mayors campaign?
    That way I can boycott them. There’s all ready several businesses in Alameda that I will not enter.
    I think George needs to start looking for another job.

  • Marie

    Betty, would you be willing to share who these businesses are, and why you boycott them? George will have no shame and poo-poo any cynical people who don’t trust their anointed leaders.

  • The Bladium, and Kyle Conner, who runs the Alameda Theater, are two that stand out…

  • ralph

    Isn’t her Husband co- chairman of the boys club , the very club the city funded by raiding the Alameda Park and Recreation , funded by vote in which if the allegations of Hubby being the coi-chair is very unethical, a word they did not teach them at Unniversities …..

  • Betty

    Marie, I make my choices to “boycott” certain business usually on a historical or architectural situation. The new 1400 restaurant is suppose to be very nice…but they covered that beautiful tile floor with carpet. A no no in my book. Also I will not go into the Marketplace. The owner got in front of the City Council in favor of destroying the little yellow house(which they did) for 7 parking spaces. I also have no plans to support any retail space in the old Cavaugh’s home because the owner of the property let that little house sit for 3 years just so they could tear it down. Oh! and I would walk the entire lenght of the island before I parked my car in the Oak street lot. I wish they would put trees around it. It’s the worst thing that happened to Alameda since South Shore.

  • Betty

    I know longer attend the Fireman’s Breakfast held in July. We always enjoyed going but after the lies union spread about Doug de Haan for last year’s election. I will not attend or no longer support any of their events.