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City of Alameda Works to Rehabilitate Image of Local Firefighters

Late today, the City of Alameda issued a press release announcing the water rescue this afternoon of a kite surfer some 300 yards off shore from the beach on Shoreline Drive. According to the release, the kite surfer “initially declined assistance,” had to be convinced to be towed back to shore, and needed no medical attention. The event comes just over two months after Alameda resident Raymond Zack committed suicide in the same waters while public safety officials stood on the beach and watched.

According to the release, issued by Deputy City Manager Alexander Nguyen, at 3:45 p.m. today, the Alameda Fire Department responded to a call to help a kite surfer that had become entangled in the lines of his kite, roughly 300 yards off shore from the 2200 block of Shoreline Drive, and was sitting on his board working to free himself.

The Fire Department dispatched a new rescue boat – purchased in the aftermath of the Zack incident – and two rescue swimmers who reported that the surfer was “clearly exhausted” and convinced him to accept a tow back to shore.

10 comments to City of Alameda Works to Rehabilitate Image of Local Firefighters

  • Wow, I am going to sleep SO much better tonight. Did the City issue a Press Release about Marie returning the check to the Boys and Girls Club yet?

  • 94502

    It’s believable that the kite surfer was exhausted and initially declined assistance.

    The firemen were eager to show they can maneuver their zodiac (boat).
    and they probably had no idea how to untangle the kite surfer’s lines.

    The only option was to tow him in to shore, where he could straighten his lines to use them another day.

    Probably he was home in no time taking a nap, and will regale his fellow kite surfers with his story of being “rescued” from Alameda’s calm, warm, shallow water.

    This story in no way excuses the firemen from refusing to do their job to save Raymond Zack.

  • Betty

    Well shoot up a rocket for them…..

  • Liz Williams

    They had to convince him to accept help? That’s our Fire Department alright – first on the scene with to supply what isn’t needed. Raymond Zack needed help and didn’t get it. The kite surfer didn’t, but was convinced to accept it.

  • Barb

    Why would anyone trust the firefighters to do a rescue in the first place after their record with RAYMOND ZACK? If they have to be taught how to swim every 2 years, and professionally re-certified for insurance purposes (READ GET PAID FOR OVERTIME TRAINING)why not just wait until one catches one’s wind or the tide brings the board in? Now he is going to get a whopping bill for the unwanted “RESCUE”, and the City can seize his board if he doesn’t pay.
    Regular folks can’t win, its only the firefighters political purchases that they are trying to please.

  • hobnob

    Well, the good thing is we now have a fire dept that can do water rescues on an island.

    However, the city, APD, and AFD haven’t released a statement as to why nobody used a bullhorn or waddled 1/2 way out to talk to Raymond Zack. Will they do this after the 19K investigation is over?

    I don’t care what they can do now. Nobody has explained their actions beyond “policy” crap. I’ll think about policy the next time you ask for any tax increases. It’s my “policy” not to vote for taxing myself – yeah, let’s throw common sense out the window.

  • notmayberry

    Hmm..I wonder WHO called for help? It wasn’t the Kite Surfer, he declined assistance. It probably wasn’t a relative, since the Kite Surfer wasn’t suicidal & didn’t say he was going out there to pray. Could it be our AF&PD are now monitoring the beach for photo ops to repair their image…?

  • ralph

    My feeling about the Alameda Fire dept is exactely what I am doing right now seating on the toilet, we need top flush them away. Can you take Bonta and Lam with you ……

  • ralph

    By the way they were fully funded by the homeland security for water rescue , where did the money go to the Alameda power and telecom …..just wondering

  • Barb

    ralph: how about GILMORE, TAM, BONTA or RUSSO for where the money went?

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