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School District Misses Filing Deadline in Parcel Tax Lawsuit

The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) has missed a court-ordered deadline of August 4th, by which it was supposed to file an answer to the initial complaint in a lawsuit over a 7-year parcel tax approved by voters in March.

On July 28th, Alameda County Superior Court Judge Frank Roesch overruled a demurrer filed by AUSD attorneys in an attempt to dismiss the case without a hearing. Judge Roesch also ordered AUSD to file an answer to the original complaint by August 4th, and he ordered the plaintiffs to file a brief by the 15th.

As of late yesterday, the court docket showed no record of attorneys for AUSD filing their answer, putting them at risk of default in the case. (In the event of a default, the plaintiffs would still have to argue their case before the court.)

AUSD officials had not responded to an inquiry on the matter by press time.

The case is RG-11574574 in Alameda County Superior Court.

3 comments to School District Misses Filing Deadline in Parcel Tax Lawsuit

  • alameda vigilante

    Hey, all-if U have never actually watched an AUSD Board mtg, they’re repeated on TV[comcastCh29] over & over all weekend after they occur! It’s a truly chilling watch. There usually are only 2 voices of sanity in the room: Trish Spencer & Kurt Peterson; valiantly asking for accountability from people who don’t give a damn. This weekend [Aug 12-14] the AUSD Bd revealed there is no report from the oversight committee for the previous 2 parcel taxes, A&H. There was much discussion, some believed the 3-person-committee just QUIT. At NO time were the NAMES of the people on these supposed-2-B EXISTING committees mentioned! Great transparency, AUSD. I wanna know who the people are providing “oversight” on this new Meas A tax & what happens when someone drops off the committee. And I suggest Kurt’s application to be on it be accepted!

  • R Todd

    Keep up the GREAT work of protecting the Public from the supposed Public entity. Stay vigilant my friends.

  • Ban

    School district people, not trustworthy, one face to another.