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August Unemployment Report Reveals Alameda’s Unemployment is Below Local, State and National levels

By Erica Madison

Housing prices may be declining in the city of Alameda, but on a positive note, so is unemployment.

When the housing and banking meltdown occurred in 2008, unemployment in Alameda was 4.2% according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) report. Unemployment reached its highest number at 8.1% just one year ago in August of 2010. Since then unemployment has been steadily declining over the last eleven months, leaving this month’s rate at 7.5%. According to the BLS this means 2,907 are currently unemployed.

Although this number doesn’t sound great compared to ‘08 levels, if we look at Alameda’s neighbors, we see that Alameda is in a very positive downward trend.

Oakland: Since 2008 this city has went from 10% to teetering between 16-17% for the last two years, which has left 32,578 people unemployed.

San Leandro: San Leandro ended 2008 with an unemployment rate of 7.1%, but over the last three years this city’s unemployment level hasn’t gone below 11%.

Berkeley: Over the last three years, Berkeley hasn’t dropped below 10. 3%, this has left 5,943 people unemployed.

With California’s unemployment level announced at 11.8% earlier this month by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the national unemployment level staying stubbornly at 9.1%, it looks like Alameda City’s eleven month unemployment decline is a positive development.

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