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Elliott Gorelick Doing His Job on Alameda Health Care District Board

Dear Editor,

It might come as a surprise to many of you, but your parcel tax money isn’t being used to shore up Alameda Hospital any more. The District just borrowed $900,000 against our expected parcel tax revenue to lease space for and construct a Wound Care Clinic at Marina Village.

But there seems to be a misconception of the purpose of the Alameda Health Care District (AHCD) Board in general and one board member in particular coming from a surprising quarter: some doctors and nurses at Alameda Hospital! Since they are more highly educated than the average citizen having been to medical school etc., I thought these professionals knew that the reason the Board was created in 2002 was to administer the new parcel tax, not the hospital. It’s a District Board, not just a hospital board.

In fact, the board members are elected to represent Alameda taxpayers, not to protect the salaries and egos of those who see Alameda Hospital as their personal fiefdom. Most doctors at Alameda Hospital know this. Most can take some honest criticism derived from publications in nationally respected peer-reviewed medical journals. But the few who embarrassed themselves at last Monday’s (August 9, 2011) District Board meeting by taking personal potshots at an elected District Board member owe him a public apology.

Elliott Gorelick is doing his job: exploring the feasibility of the continued existence of the hospital as is.

–Carol Gottstein, Alameda

5 comments to Elliott Gorelick Doing His Job on Alameda Health Care District Board

  • Barb

    So the next question is why on earth have a “wound clinic” and will it take Medicare?

    Thank goodness most of us have Kaiser.

  • Liz Williams

    A better question is what are they doing with our 5.5 million a year and why are they getting us into more debt?

    And, my favorite question: who are they paying off at the Joint Commission to pass accreditation?

    Keep on them, Elliott and Carol.

  • Betty

    I don’t understand Alameda needs a “wound clinic”…what do they do at a wound clinic that they can’t do in the emergency room at the not too busy hospital? Will they bring in the wounded from the streets of Alameda?

  • DHL

    Sorry to be so late to this discussion, but a Wound Care Center serves a small percentage of geriatric patients. In the city of Alameda, it’s something like 500 people. The business strategy of the WCC is to hire an outsourced WCC staffing and management service, and then to provide out-patient wound care primarily for off-island seniors to drive revenue. It has NOTHING to do with serving the resident population of the City of Alameda. And it has EVERYTHING to do with expanding the geriatric patient population coming to Alameda for care. And who does that serve? None other than Dr. Deutsch himself, his practice, and his new position as Director of the sub-acute care facility where it’s reporting he’s poaching patients from their life-time primary care physicians.

  • Betty


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