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AUSD Superintendent Contract on Agenda Tonight

The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) Board of Trustees is set to vote tonight on a new employment contract with Superintendent Kirsten Vital that would maintain her $204,225 per year salary, and add 3% increases and $15,000 annual performance bonuses for four years, beginning July 1 2011 and ending June 30, 2015.

The contract provides a 3% annual step increase, and could provide an additional $10,944 per year in contributions to medical benefits, depending on the plan the Superintendent selects. Trustees Ron Mooney and Margie Sherratt submitted the proposal to the board.

Ms. Vital’s total compensation next year could top $236,000 depending on the health benefits she picks, and whether or not she meets her performance goals. The contract is online here.

Alameda residents will soon receive their fall property tax bills, which include an AUSD parcel tax passed earlier this year that significantly increases school parcel taxes – some homeowners will see their tax double.

Tonight’s meeting begins with a closed-session meeting at 4:30 p.m., at the Alameda High School Little Theater at the corner of Oak & Walnut, 2200 Central Avenue – Alameda, CA 94501. According to the agenda, at 6:30 p.m., the board will reconvene to a public session in the Alameda High School Cafeteria.

14 comments to AUSD Superintendent Contract on Agenda Tonight

  • Gretchen Lipow

    Is the teaching staff getting a wage increase this time around?
    Teachers are on the front line doing the daily job of educating our
    children. They lost eight days of pay last year, will this be made
    up this year?

  • Rita Nesel

    AUSD should not have renewed this contract. They should have sought out a Superintendent with actual leadership skills and a honest vision which would bring our curriculum, schools and instructional methods into the 21st century. Kirsten has had plenty of time and shown no ability to get us there; we’re farther behind than ever. There are many skilled, innovative and accomplished individuals (even some of our own Alameda teaching staff) who have more leadership skills and vision than Vital has demonstrated. Her primary skills are self promotion and political posturing. Her favorite phrase; repeatedly to the School Board “…just tell me what you want me to do” (always stated with a long suffering undertone) is her method of insulating herself from any fallout from her own administrative failures. She should have been given the boot!

  • ralph

    Leadership skill , these are no leaders just people looking for themselves.

  • nomoretaxes

    No surprise here. The people who voted yes on the parcel tax are idiots.

  • Will

    She’s cruel, dangerous, failing the kids, a very bad administrative and doesn’t have skill to handle the position. If I were the supe, ms. Vital I’d rather leave the office for her own good instead waste tax dollars. Poor performing and leadership. It’s a nightmare for taxpayers and property owners.

  • Betty

    The teachers should get the increases….what does she do for 200,000 a year?

  • Mike

    Inside connection, they play politics each other that not profession and accountable management. Failure administration, create problems in school district.

  • Anonymous

    Fire all bad leadership and teachers to improve schools and save the country, inefficiency job = waste tax dollars.

  • Arab

    Why a new contract and a raise with a horrible superintendent?? She does alot unethical things,like discrimination, more….Shouldn’t we have better leadership?

  • Reports are the contract was approved,with Mooney, Sherrat and Tam voting in favor.

  • 94502

    Bad move on the part of the AUSD School Board.

    Future parcel taxes??? No Way! —but Vital will by then have taken her $$$$$ and gone elsewhere—to her retirement as a Fat Cat.

  • not mayberry

    Don’t blame me-I voted against Measure A! I knew this would happen & I hope everyone objecting to Vital’s salary increase will vote NO next time AUSD asks for a parcel tax! (Of course, that won’t happen for another 6 years)Better yet, join the lawsuit to stop implementation of Measure A!
    It is however, a somewhat hopeful sign that Mike McMahon finally voted with Trish Spencer against the administrative salary increase. Yay, Mike!

  • […] else appears a bit predictable as well.  There is a rumor being floated that Kirsten Vital discriminates against Arabs.  Uh, so perhaps her song is sung after […]

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