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Action Research Telephone Poll Concerns

Over the past few years, which have included the Measure B vote on SunCal’s redevelopment plan for Alameda Point, a nasty City Council election, new telephone polls in Alameda have stirred the hearts and minds of residents. A current poll seems to be benign.

Lori Brown Large, a project director with Action Research, of Oceanside, California, confirmed for Action Alameda News late last week that her firm is conducting a telephone poll on behalf of in relation to the Energy Upgrade California project.

“We’re helping Stopwaste with the implementation and evaluation of the energy upgrade project,” Ms. Large told us. She also referred us to Wendy Sommer, a program director with Stopwaste, but Ms. Sommer had not responded by press time.

Separately, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District is apparently sponsoring a separate telephone poll reaching Alameda residents, asking about automobile use and awareness of district-sponsored programs.

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