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Alameda City Manager John Russo Enjoys His Boat Tour of the Estuary

Update – September 12, 10:30 a.m. – Deputy City Manager Alex Nguyen responded to our inquiry about the Facebook post and the purpose of the boat tour, confirming the authenticity of Mr. Russo’s posting, and writing, “[The purpose was] To see the various marinas on the estuary, the various lots, and generally a different perspective of the island. And yes, at least for me, it was quite pleasurable!

According to screen captures of Alameda City Manager John Russo’s Facebook page, provided by sources that asked not to be identified, the City Manager enjoyed his boat tour of the Oakland-Alameda estuary today, commenting, “I’m on a boat, Mutha—–r, don’t you evah forget!”

At 9:00 a.m. today, Alameda City Council was scheduled for a special meeting to go on a boat tour of the estuary. In the announcement, the City did not provide the purpose of the meeting.

According to sources privy to Alameda City Manager John Russo’s Facebook page, Mr. Russo posted the entry, “I’m on a boat Mutha—–r, don’t evah forget!” sometime this morning.

Former Alameda Journal editor Jeff Mitchell apparently responded, “Now that’s not something you hear from a CM [city manager] every day … have fun, John! :-)”

Action Alameda News is working to independently verify the authenticity of Mr. Russo’s apparent social media postings.

Below is a screen capture of the information provided to Action Alameda News.


Screen capture of John Russo Facebook page

5 comments to Alameda City Manager John Russo Enjoys His Boat Tour of the Estuary

  • I thought Jeff Mitchell fled to Salinas last winter after coming in dead last in the Council race, so why does he have anything to do with our oh-so-entertaining new City Manager?

  • b knott

    WTF???That boat excursion was officially posted as a Special Meting of the City Council[on official City letterhead]. What was Jeff Mitchell doing on it, who else was there, & how much were the taxpayers charged for it?

  • alameda vigilante

    Yes, it was the eighth city meeting of the week. Presumably, since it was an Open Meeting, there will be an Audio-Video Recording of the whole thing to inform the rest of the city about any business that was done on said boat, in compliance w/the Brown Act. Whatever Russo said I’m sure will be printed verbatim in the hard copy of the meeting minutes.

  • Anonymous

    This is what citizen journalism is all about. Covering the crucial news that the lamestream media like the Alameda Journal try to hide from us. Thank God Action Alameda dedicates his life to this. Without him, we’d be sunk.

  • 94502

    Even with Action Alameda, we in Alameda may be sunk.

    We need to keep our eyes and ears open and be in the front of the action.

    It’s a tough job exposing all that needs to be exposed. We need more people on the ground telling the truth about what is going on all around us.

    The good news is that one by one people are waking up to city hall, the AFD, the APD and the school administration.

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