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Angry and Outraged at Non-actions of APD and AFD Regarding Raymond Zack

Dear Editor,

Do you have any new info regarding how the investigation into Raymond Zack’s death is going?

I am a retired Bay Area police officer. My brother and I were in the group who did the wade-out in June. My brother is an ex-lifeguard, currently an ocean swimmer and kayaker. Both of us grew up in a cop family and we are truly outraged by the lack of response by Alameda Fire and Police Departments. In this incident. I’ve been following your coverage since Day One and appreciate the info.

I did listen to the audio and read the transcripts. Appalling. As a police officer in a very high crime rate city I dealt with mentally diusturbed people (armed and unarmed.) It was our job and we are tained to do so with risk averse tactics. Sometimes the risk is high and yet you have to remember the reason you are a public safety person – to help the public.

I’m not the aquatic athlete, my brother is but I definitely feel comfortable in the water. I knew the conditions at Crowne Beach on the day Zack died and knew how non-risky they were if police or fire had gone into the water. My opinion, professional and personal, is that the on-scene cops and firefighters were cowards. They should’ve resigned and also be prosecuted for aiding and abetting in Zack’s death. I believe this outside investigation will not be anything other than a whitewash. I do not reside in Alameda and thus have no political interest in city affairs. I am very angry and outraged by the non-actions of APD and AFD that day and since then.

— Hugh Duckworth

4 comments to Angry and Outraged at Non-actions of APD and AFD Regarding Raymond Zack

  • Barb

    Those of us who live here are angry and outraged as well. We have a Mock Council bought and paid for by the Firefighters. This Mock COuncil then bought and paid for a City Manager and to be City Attorney, whose sole jobs are to cover their asses while this Mock Council sucks up to the Firefighters. Tam is a crook and Gilmore is an aider and abettor.
    Bonta is poising himself to run for the Assembly based on this deplorable record. And some may be stupid enough to think voting for him will get him out of Alameda. The damage of what he will do in the Assembly will only be amplified.
    Look at the proposed Land Giveaway to Cowan. No wonder our country is in the economiuc toilet. People need to stand up and say enough of this bulls_ _t. Otherwise who knows what these fools will do to us next? They keep getting away with murder and will stop at nothing. Their lives are being lubricated by the drool Cowan is oozing at thought of screwing Alameda one last time.

  • Marie

    I complete agree with Barb and I am definitely not known to be involved in local politics.
    When I started reading about the situation here in Alameda, my eyes opened right up.
    Barb’s language is strong, but unfortunately the facts merit the labels! Stand up to the
    city council and it is guaranteed you will be met with yawns and ill-concealed condescension.
    The more you know about Alameda’s government, etc., the more dismayed you will become.

    I’m sure Cowan and his ilk will continue to find ways to screw the rest of us!

  • Bernice Wong

    The more you know about Alameda, the more you want to get out of this city. We have not even scratched the surface of the corruption in this city. However, I have a feeling that outside forces are looking into some of the shenanigans on Santa Clara Avenue.

  • 94502

    Finally! People are waking up! The death of Raymond Zack exposed this city’s inner wheeling and dealing, and how little the people in “power” think of us.

    They’d rather think of their checkbooks. They left their moral compasses behind when they took “power.”

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