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Trial Judge Rules in Favor of AUSD on Parcel Tax Lawsuit

Today, Alameda County Superior court Judge Frank Roesch ruled in favor of the Alameda Unified School District on the lawsuit Nelco, Inc. et al v. Alameda Unified School District, RG11574574, which sought to overturn the parcel tax passed by voters in March of this year.

The measure passed earlier this year by a slim margin of less than two percentage points. The tax will generate roughly $12 million per year for the next 7 years and Alameda property owners will see it on their tax bills within the next several weeks.

Kerri Lonergan, Superintendent’s Assistant at the Alameda Unified School District, announced the ruling to the media just after 1:00 p.m. today.

In a statement, AUSD Superintendent Kirsten Vital said, “On behalf of all of our students and all the citizens from all across Alameda who worked so hard to pass Measure A, I am thrilled with Judge Roesch’s decision.”

David Brillant, attorney for the plaintiffs told Action Alameda News, “Obviously we’re disappointed with the result. But I think, going in, everyone knew that no matter what the decision today, the non-prevailing party would appeal. This case, like the Measure H lawsuit, will ultimately be decided in the higher courts.”

A prior lawsuit over a 2008 “Measure H” AUSD parcel tax, is still pending in the California 1st District Court of Appeal. Recently, AUSD’s attorney for that case finally filed a brief after several months of extensions. That case number is A129295.

Separately, AUSD responded today to an Action Alameda News public records request for the names of the top 10 highest-compensated AUSD employees, ranked by their base salary. That list is provided below:

Vital, Kirsten M $192,197.64
Shemwell, Robert $142,892.65

Houck, Danielle M $147,179.11
McPhetridge, Sean M $135,371.03
McLachlan-Fry, Laurie $117,759.78
Rust, Thomas M. $121,085.66
Mitchell, Susan B $119,355.74
Lyons, Catherine M $117,249.55
Lyng, Robert E $117,926.89
Lara, Kelly $115,262.99

Total compensation for these employees could be higher when benefits and other perks are included. For example, in the coming year, Superintendent Kirsten Vital could see her total compensation rise to over $236,000 depending on performance bonuses and benefits.

Recently, AUSD published a full salary report for 2010-2011, listing salaries and titles, but not employee names. That’s available here.

6 comments to Trial Judge Rules in Favor of AUSD on Parcel Tax Lawsuit

  • Marie

    Holy cow! Those are some fine salaries. I just can’t believe these people think they are barely adequately compensated. Can anyone spell “unsustainable” or “unconscionable”? I’m actually sorry I voted in favor of the parcel tax. Never again.

  • Bernice Wong

    Yep, with a 9.1% national unemployment rate and marginal API scores, AUSD administrators are well compensated.

  • notmayberry

    So that’s who Bob Shemwell is! I wondered who that guy monopolizing the AUSD podium in videos of recent board mtgs on Channel 29 was! I also wondered why he said something like “passage of Measure A was the best thing that ever happened to me”! Now we know why!

  • Barb

    So while the Firefighters and police are bankrupting the City, AUSD is helping to bankrupt the citizens.

  • Betty

    Can’t wait until my husband is 65. We just have to pay this scam for a couple of years.
    But we’re still stuck with the hospital parcel tax.

  • Parent

    The parcel tax feeding the inefficiency administrators well but not helping the students success.

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