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Upcoming Special City Council Meetings Including the Raymond Zack Report

By Erica Madison

On September 6th, 2011 Alameda City Manager John Russo announced a few upcoming special city council meetings including the long awaited Ruben Grijalva report on the Raymond Zack drowning.

On October 11th, 2011 a special city council meeting will be held to review the findings for the Memorial Day drowning of Raymond Zack. The report will be given by Ruben Grijalva, an outside investigator hired to look at the City’s strengths and weaknesses surrounding the incident.

On September 29th, two weeks before the meeting, Grijalva’s report will be made available online at the City’s website and at City Hall.

“We want the public to come out and hear Grijalva and we are making the report available before the meeting so that people can read it and come to the meeting with their questions and concerns,” said Russo.

There also two other upcoming special meetings that the public is encouraged to attend.

These include:

September 27th – Labor Negotiations meeting.
A report will be given demonstrating how Alameda City conducts labor negotiations.

October 25th – Budget meeting.
A report will be given on the state of next fiscal year’s budget. Lisa Goldman predicts that things are not getting better and she would like to inform the public of what is going to happen. The purpose of the meeting will be to seek comments from the public in regards how this budget can be handled.

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