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Special AUSD Board Meeting Tonight on Equity Policy

The Alameda Unified School District (AUSD) will hold another special meeting tonight at 5:00 p.m. to discuss equity policies and practices.

According to an agenda packet, “tonight the Board and staff will continue its review of current [equity] policy language and engage in ongoing guided discussion to consider if any additional policy revisions are necessary.”

Further, according to the packet, AUSD Board Policy 0110 states that “We believe that equity is a set of actions that results in educational excellence not determined by differences of race, sex or economic status” and that “Equity is not the same as equality. Whereas equality provides the same resources throughout the system on a per capita basis, equity demands the allocation of resources based on need and support for each student’s success.”

Earlier this month, when AUSD announced the most recent annual API test scores, the agency acknowledged that ““district-wide, the African American/Black subgroup, and the Hispanic/Latino subgroup did not meet the federal targets in ELA or Math. District-wide, the Socio-economically disadvantaged subgroup did meet federal targets in Math, but did not meet targets in ELA [English Language Arts].”

The meeting will be held at the Alameda High School Cafeteria, at the corner of Central Avenue and Walnut Street, at 5:00 p.m.

2 comments to Special AUSD Board Meeting Tonight on Equity Policy

  • Barb

    How about “equity” which allocates resources (pay) based upon ability to achieve results for each student’s success?

    Why pay teachers who traditionally can’t teach, at all? And why pay a superintendent ($236k+), lawyer ($147k plus benefits & then hire out all litigation) huge salaries? There is ample proof that they are paid beyond their value. Thomas Jefferson once said 80 % of all money spent by government is wasted. But this is the ultimate in hypocrisy.

    I think it is time to look at regionalizing schools as well as other services in the community. Why should we have 13 plus over paid superintendents re-inventing the wheel in each city? And then a County School system as well? Private companies are doing more with less, while government is doing less and less with more and more, at higher and higer salaries. Let the overhead sit on the unemployement line for a few years, then ask them to take a pay cut. MAybe they can volunteer to work in the classrooms to learn what education is all about.

  • Jen

    Right, it’s really wasting government money, tax dollars, not improving each student achievement and no teaching quality, values that need to layoff. Overpaid also that need to cut back their salaries and some administration who reach their retirement,over 60 years old, should be retired already.

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