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School District Parcel Tax Oversight Committee Named

The Alameda Unified School District has named the members for the 2011/12 committee that will oversee the implementation of the parcel tax that voters approved earlier this year, which will run for seven years, and first appear on property tax bills in the coming weeks.

The District says that the committee will meet several times over the course of the year, and that meetings will be open and comply with California’s open meetings laws.

The members are:

  • Anne DeBardeleben
  • Craig Elliott
  • David Hart
  • Wendy Horikoshi
  • Barbara Kahn
  • Steve Mack
  • Lorrie Murray
  • Michael Robles-Wong
  • Dick Rudloff
  • Courtney Shepler
  • Seamus Wilmot

The committee’s first meeting will be on October 27, with details to follow.

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