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Alameda Public Affairs Forum Talks Occupy Wall Street

Tomorrow night, at the Alameda Library, the Alameda Public Affairs Program will host Professor Jack Rasmus to talk about President Obama’s jobs program and the deepening global economic crisis.

According to organizers, Mr. Rasmus will articulate a practical program for a new social movement, based on his latest book EPIC Recession and Global Financial Crisis. Rasmus has been taking his message to organized labor, which has been heavily involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement. The discussion will also consider the Democratic Party’s ties to labor unions.

The program begins at 6:30 p.m. with a potluck meal.

2 comments to Alameda Public Affairs Forum Talks Occupy Wall Street

  • notmayberry

    It was stunning to learn from last night’s News that the Sacto protesters interviewed didn’t even know what they were protesting! Personally, I’d be happy if banks just brought back the 5% passbook savings account! And Short Selling should become illegal. Betting on a business to fail in this era of Internet Assassination is anti-capitalist!

  • Dr Poodlesmurf

    live by the sword .. die by the sword! NO more bush era greed.