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Occupy Wall Street Becomes Occupy Alameda

Protesters from the placid to the exercised arrived at Alameda City Hall tonight to partake in an Occupy Alameda demonstration, part of the wider Occupy Wall Street movement.

Katherine Culberg of Alameda, who helped to organize the event through a Facebook page, told Action Alameda News that the purpose of the event was, “to show our support to the broader occupation action happening all over the globe…in opposition to the 1% of wealth in our country being held by 400 people…I think it’s time to stand up as a community member and say I’m not ok with that, and I know that a lot of people in Alameda believe the same thing.”

Asked how she think’s the problems can be fixed, Culberg responded, “You know, that’s a broader conversation, but I think what’s important about this movement is people feeling empowered to even look at those solutions as opposed to just feeling disempowered…solutions are many, there are many ideas around legislation, I’m not going to go into those now.”

Another protester, who gave his name as Matt of Alameda, said “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore,” and proffered copies of the declaration of the occupation of New York City and challenged a KTVU 2 news crew to broadcast it, unless they were too “chicken” to do so.

The demonstrators gave speeches at city hall and marched to the Bank of America branch at Park Street and Santa Clara Avenue and back.

Afterwards, Ralph Zig Tyko of Alameda told Action Alameda News, “I’m pleasantly surprised that the folks are getting together as the 99%…I want Alamedans to join other cities that are making some sort of statement to big business, that it really isn’t ok that we bail you out as the people, and we end up suffering for it. And purely and simply we don’t want a combination of government and big business because fascism is right around the corner when that happens, and we’re very dangerously close to that right now.”

By 7:00 p.m., at least six Alameda police officers were on the scene, some of whom were offering to help the demonstrators clear their signs from city hall grounds. Lt. McNiff told Action Alameda News that he understood that, at its peak, there were “upwards of 60 people” at the demonstration and he said that it was peaceful.

4 comments to Occupy Wall Street Becomes Occupy Alameda

  • Leland Traiman

    Are the Occupy Alameda participants even aware that their own little city of Alameda is as corrupt as Wall Street?
    1. Are they aware that hundreds of thousands of dollars coming from Southern California developers were poured into Alameda to elect the mayor and current majority on their city council?
    2. That one of those council members whom the developers bought and paid for will probably be our next assemblyman?
    3. Are they aware that two members of their school board are retired school administrators who are much more concerned with protecting their near six figure annual pensions than they are about our kids’ educations?
    4. Are they aware that another school board member has three members of his immediate family who started working for the school district after he was elected and no one in authority thinks this is a conflict?
    5. Are they aware that one member of Alameda’s elected hospital board is a doctor who rents offices in the hospital, making him both tenant and landlord, and, once again, no one in authority thinks this is a conflict of interest?
    One does not need to go all the way to Wall Street to find corruption and seeing the public trust violated. We can find it right here in our own backyard. There is no place like home.

  • Trixie Green

    Amazing to me that Alamedans will come out for something like this while the crooks in city hall are bankrupting to city to pay the highest salaries in the bay area to fire fighters who won’t get them feet wet to save someone like Raymond Zack. Of course, these are the same fire fighters who have contributed many thousands of dollars to the campaigns of the mayor and city council members.

  • Hey Leland, you left out the $10,000.00 donation from John Russo’s campaign fund to help elect our new mayor. That worked out to be a very lucrative investment for him.

  • alameda vigilante

    I wonder if Katherine realizes she might as well be speaking for the TEA Party. Her goals seem similar: less government, more fiscal responsibility, eliminate both corporate & governmental corruption.