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Alameda Unoccupied

The sidewalk-chalk slogans remain, but three days after a boisterous Occupy Alameda rally at Alameda City Hall, nobody is actually occupying the grounds.

While “occupiers,” as part of the Occupy Wall Street movement, in nearby Oakland have maintained a tent city for the past ten days at Frank Ogawa Plaza, and similar tent cities have sprung up in cities across the country, from New York to San Francisco, no tents have sprouted at Alameda City Hall grounds, and there are no reports of tent cities in Alameda’s city parks.

Tuesday’s rally and march was effectively over by 7:00 p.m.

Attempts to contact Occupy Alameda organizer Katherine Culberg through Facebook, to learn of any upcoming events, were unsuccessful.

Occupy Alameda City Hall

Alameda City Hall - Unoccupied

Occupy Alameda

Alameda City Hall - Unoccupied

Occupy Alameda

Alameda City Hall - Unoccupied

18 comments to Alameda Unoccupied

  • Nothing like firm convictions. Anything important happening in this city?

  • Arbor B

    Disaster on Park St as the much loved trees are chopped down … brought to you by LeTamBo!

  • Marie

    I think Gilbontamjo have really done it this time, with the trees.
    It just seems emblematic of what they want to do to this town.
    Just when you think they couldn’t be any worse, a new atrocity.

  • john

    So when are we going to start a recall campaign ….

  • ThirtyPlus

    Much as I really hate to absolve our fearless leaders from anything, I do feel compelled to speak up re the Park Street trees. My understanding of the situation is as follows: The Park Street Business Ass. has never been happy with the large trees since they tend to block signage and these folk, with some justification, want the public to be able to see their business signs. Also, some of the tree ARE diseased and don’t look happy. The rush to replace them is because the Public Works Dept. has secured funding (federal or state, I’m not sure which) which will expire if the work is not completed by, I beleve, January 2012.

  • Marie

    Well, have they heard of pruning? The trees I’ve seen on Park Street did not appear to be diseased. They looked green and healthy. I can’t believe the business owners prefer the stark look they have now. I sure don’t. It is ugly.

  • Where did you come by your “understanding of the situation” thirty? All the members of the PSBA I have heard from are angry because nobody consulted them about the tree cutting, which they did not want, or the timing of the street work, which they did not want, because it will disrupt the Christmas shopping season.

    You sound more like a Pollyanna plant than someone telling the truth.

  • Marie

    Thank you Adam, for calling thirty out as a “concern troll”.
    The public does not want to park their cars in the blazing sun.
    The public enjoys the trees and the shade they provide.
    The public deserves some input, it is our street too.

    The only unhappy trees are the gingko saplings “replacing” the
    large trees. I can’t wait for the next “improvement”!

  • Betty

    Female Gingko’s are very messy trees. They drop alot of sap and make everything sticky.
    The will destroy the paint on your car. Are they really going to plant gingko’s?

  • Barb

    Alameda has long had an approved list of trees. We pay for a new study every few years at a cost of $50K a study or more. They usually spend so much on the study, they have no oney left for trees. City staff does a great job keeping the trees up, and knowing what to plant. But every new council needs to pretend they are up on it, and pay for a new one. If it was there money, or Russo’s, we’d no longer do so.
    Female Gingkos were deleted in the 1980’s.
    And the recall can begin as soon as we come up with a good name: (1) “Gilbontamjo”; (2) “LeTamBo” (3) “Gilbontam” (4) “Roshambo”. Can we have a contest and time with Halloween?

  • Bjorn

    ThirtyPlus is probably Jon Spangler in drag. Sure sounds like Jon, attempting to be Mr Sunshine and never fault the City and his cronies … despite the presence of facts.

  • vigilante

    Tea Party:Flag waving/Occupy:Flag burning
    Tea Party:Open carry unloaded guns/Occupy:Hidden knives
    Tea Party:Sings “God Bless the USA/ Occupy:Sings “F#$k the USA”
    Tea Party:Assembles peaceably & obeys police/Occupy:Gets arrested
    Tea Party:Goes home to sleep in own beds at night/Occupy: Sleeps, urinates, defecates, injects IV drugs, & has sex in the public park
    Tea Party:Elects people to Congress/Occupy: Too confused to vote.
    And the Media says the TEA Partiers are the crazy ones? Go figure!

  • Maggie

    Oh my! Vigi is channeling Fox News! One’s political leanings always unveils itself.

  • A recent Saturday Night Live Fox-news spoof characterized the occupy movement as the Tea Party but with bongos….

  • I thought it might be a good idea to chronicle all the stumps on Park St. and signs posted on them:

  • vigi

    I take it you’re not the same Maggie publishing my favorite source:
    What’s wrong w/Fox News? They interviewed Adam Gillitt!

  • vigi

    Ron Cowan plans to cut down over 165 memorial trees @the Mif Albright course, if he gets his hands on it!